Spence on Bradley: “When the WBC Ordered Us to Fight, He Retired!”

Errol Spence Hits Tim Bradley With Facts!

Errol Spence and Tim Bradley
Errol Spence (left) and Tim Bradley (right),

Errol Spence claps back at Tim Bradley!

It’s no secret that boxing fans have been foaming at the mouth for a welterweight unification bout between Terence “Bud”Crawford and Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. This is no late breaking news either.

Boxing enthusiasts have called for the showdown ever since Crawford’s premiere fight in the division against Jeff Horn in mid-2018.

Yet, just like that raise or internet model you’re smitten for, wanting something and getting something are two different things. Such is the case with Crawford v Spence.

Being separated by rival promotional entities, the bout has remained unsigned. Countless individuals in boxing feel as though Spence is ducking Crawford by fighting Shawn Porter in his next out.

Although, it kind of seems like the height of lunacy to say Spence is ‘ducking’ Crawford. In the end, the Truth is about to fight in a meaningful title unification bout against a guy with arguably the most accomplished resume in the division.

Furthermore, Porter has never been truly out-shined, dominated or outclassed by any of his 32 previous opponents.

From Spence’s point of view, due to the Porter fight being in-house, it was simply easier to make. Aside from that, if victorious, Spence would then be able to enter into the Crawford negotiations as a unified champion, therefore, wielding more bargaining power.

Clearly, not everyone is in alignment with this thought process. Former fighter and current ESPN color commentator, Tim Bradly was adamant that Spence was shamefully ducking Bud.

“Ducking him, yeah he ducking him! Absolutely he’s ducking him, yeah, y’all take that! He ducking Terence Crawford!

“He don’t want to fight Terence Crawford, I’m telling you that right now!” ~Tim Bradley – Former 5x Champion & ESPN Analyst


As he is known to follow printed articles and YouTube videos, it was not surprising to discover that Spence had gotten wind of what Bradley felt.

Rather than come off as peeved at the situation, the Truth was his typical nonchalant self.

He found it funny that the former fighter would have such a vehement opinion on the matter when it can be argued that Bradley ducked the Truth himself.

In December of 2016, the WBC ordered a title eliminator between Spence and Bradley that would never come to pass.

Shortly after the intriguing fight was ordered Bradley, bowed off the sport and quietly retired.

Spence was only too happy to bring these facts up when questioned on Desert Storm’s loose comments.

“He’s a ESPN guy so, I mean you know, he basically going to say anything to be in the interest of them.

“So I mean he’s the same guy when the WBC ordered us to fight, he retired. So I mean, what PBC guy has he fought when he was fighting? So I mean we’ll see.” ~Errol Spence Jr, IBF world welterweight champion

By: Bakari Simpson

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