Adonis Stevenson Regains Mobility & Speaks to Family

Adonis Stevenson Takes His 1st Steps Independently & Speaks to Family

Adonis Stevenson
Adonis Stevenson

After weeks of therapy and rehabilitation, Adonis Stevenson takes his first steps

Great news for the boxing world! Former WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson has taken his first steps independently after weeks of rehabilitation.

In addition to regaining his motor skills, he has spoken his first few words since the brain injury. According to his girlfriend, Stevenson will no doubt be on the path to a full recovery!

She claims he should be able to fully function without the help of rehab therapists in due time. Furthermore, his verbal communications with friends and family have been very lucid.

We here at are delighted to hear this news and continue to hope for a full recovery rather sooner than later!

By: EJ Williams

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