Lopez Hits Tank: “30th Pro Fight Still Fighting Frank Martins!”

Teofimo Lopez Directs Fire Toward Tank Davis!

Teofimo Lopez compares his opponent selection to Tank Davis
Teofimo Lopez redirects criticism over Steve Claggett toward Tank Davis (credit: Top Rank)

Teofimo Lopez Deflects Claggett Bout Backlash Toward Tank Davis

As WBO junior welterweight champion Teofimo “The Takeover” Lopez (20-1, 13 KO’s) closes in on this next prizefight, he continues to be berated for his opponent selection. In that duel, on June 29, Lopez will face the challenge of Canadian pugilist Steve Claggett, which in and of itself caused quite a stir in the boxing world. In response, Lopez has justified his selection and in turn pointed an accusing finger at fighters such as WBA lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (30-0, 28 KO’s).

While sitting for a recent Q&A with Fight Hype, Lopez aired his case and grievances out while referencing certain fighters without actually using their names.

“We get the job done and we win! I may be my worst critic in the end, but that’s why we are great; we go back to the drawing board and we make shit happen. Now we got Steve Claggett. [He] ain’t no pushover. 15 years professionally, this guy is no rookie; he is a vet, so there ain’t nothing to look over on that. He signed the contract, he knows what he’s getting himself into. None of these other fighters that you guys want to see us with, [they] didn’t want to sign the contract.”

“We sent it over. If you don’t believe me, ask the Hall of Famers of Bruce Trampler and Brad Goodman from Top Rank! We ain’t never dodged nobody, ask them! . . . That’s why they gave me Lomachenko in my sixteenth pro fight. Who else does that? These guys are in their thirtieth pro fight still fighting Frank Martin’s and freaking washed up Linares.”


Naturally, many will be quick to call The Takeover hypocritical in his assessment. Many can and do view Claggett as washed up. He has 47 fights under his belt, is 35, has been a pro for 16 years, owns seven losses and this is by leaps and bounds his biggest fight.

True enough, Frank Martin, who Tank knocked out in his last outing, was not exactly the cream of the crop but he was a top contender. And more importantly, Martin was very firmly affixed to the boxing public’s current stream of consciousness. Unlike the Canadian import, that only the most diligent of hardcore fans are familiar with.

With the stage being set as it is, Lopez will have something of a tightrope to walk in his next tour of duty. With him casting dispersion on fighters like Tank, while competing against this rather obscure opponent and coming off a controversial win over Jamaine Ortiz, The Takeover almost is required to have an outstanding performance in the ring. So let’s see how Lopez operates under this level of scrutiny that the pressure cooker of boxing is so adept in placing fighters in!

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