Angel Garcia: “Errol Spence Fight Not Going To The Judges”

Angel Garcia says Danny's two losses "was bullshit politics"

Danny Garcia (left) with father and trainer Angel Garcia
Danny Garcia (left) with father and trainer Angel Garcia

Angel Garcia says Danny’s two losses “was bullshit politics”

Like every fight, there has to be a build-up. There has to be a reason for fans to want to see both combatants in the ring. There is a need for the fans to be excited about seeing a fight. Unified champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr (26-0, 21ko) will put the belts on the line against two-divisional champion Danny “Swift” Garcia (36-2, 21ko). However, the real meat and potatoes of any story featuring Swift is waiting to hear what father/trainer Angel Garcia is going to say, and make no mistake, he did not disappoint.

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During the press conference with the media via Zoom, the controversial trainer wanted everyone to know that looking at tape is useless. Moreover, it is better to focus on what his son needs to improve on.

“I never look at tapes from past fights of Danny’s opponent. So we not going to learn nothing from Mikey Garcia, you can’t learn nothing from that. What I do is when I train Danny, I focus on Danny. I don’t worry about looking at the video, I’m hopeless against that. I can’t change nothing that they got over there.”

Angel even revealed a little bit of the game plan on what we can expect from his son in the fight.

“I know where I can make Danny better. We are going to dictate the fight. First of all, we are going to be on top of him. We not going to do like Mikey did, he ran all night.”


Okay, here is where things went off the rail and in typical Angel Garcia fashion, the build-up for the fight was being made. When talking about the two losses on his son’s resume, he did not pull any punches in saying what was on his mind.

“I can’t tell what we got but anything he got we going to respond to anything he brings to the table. Not disrespecting the man cause I have to respect him as a fighter. But just because you see two L’s on Danny and I am not going to sugar coat em, it was all bullshit politics.”

“We got two L’s. I am not going to sugar coat that. It was politics, calling me racist and all that dumb crap that came with it… but this time around in Dallas we not going to put it in the judge’s hands.”

By: Garrisson Bland

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