Josh Warrington Wants Shakur Stevenson “In The Next 12 Months”

Josh Warrington Wants Shakur Stevenson in the next 12 Months

Josh Warrington (left), Shakur Stevenson
Josh Warrington (left), Shakur Stevenson

Josh Warrington Wants Shakur Stevenson in the next 12 Months

When it comes to WBO world featherweight champion “Fearless” Shakur Stevenson (13-0, 7 KO’s), there is virtually no doubt that he wants a showdown with IBF World Featherweight champion Josh “The Leeds Warrior” Warrington (30-0, 7 KO’s). Stevenson has openly pursued the prizefight since well before capturing his WBO strap over Joet Gonzalez in October 26, 2019.

In fact, at one point, Warrington indicated that all Stevenson had to do was acquire a title and then they could settle all their differences inside the squared-circle. Sadly, upon obtaining the WBO belt, Warrington did not appear to be any more willing to test his might against Shakur Stevenson. Even after Stevenson made it abundantly clear that he was willing to travel to the UK, the prizefight has not been put together.


Warrington is aware that the Stevenson match-up is a good one to stage. He also realizes that it’s a bit of unfinished business that, if left unchecked, could make him appear a bit of a scary champion. Naturally, this is a perception that Warrington would like to avoid. However, the Leeds Warrior does also acknowledge that Stevenson simply doesn’t strike him as the most experienced foe on the scene.

Yet, even with him not being the most pressing item on his itinerary, Warrington would like to face Stevenson fairly soon, as he stated in a recent interview with Sky Sports Boxing.

“I think that I have made it clear that I am happy to fight any of the other champions, I just want to keep on getting those notches, getting those names…when it comes to Stevenson, he’s a talent, he is only young. A former Olympian, he’s got a lot of people around him who were pulling him up. He’s looked good in all his fights so far, but I just think that everyone who he has boxed has been tailor made for him. I don’t think he’s had someone who maybe going to close him down with a little bit more educated pressure.

…I’m not saying it won’t be a tough fight, but I don’t think he’s been in those deep water situations and he talks confidently about coming over to the UK and fighting me in me backyard. And again, I don’t think he’s been in those kind of scenarios, but yeah I think it would be a great fight down the line and [if] we can get that in the next 12 months, then that would be fantastic.”


Since it is rather transparent that Warrington is not dying to get in the ring with Stevenson, it is good to know that he at least has other top flight opponents in mind. When asked about his bucket list of opposition, he was ready with a thorough response. Although, only time will tell if the Leeds Warrior pens a fight with any of these prizefighters quicker than he has with Stevenson.

“Gary Russell Jr, a few years ago people will say I couldn’t last a few rounds with him, but I believe that I beat him quite comfortable. I look at fighters like Leo Santa Cruz who moved up to super feather, Oscar Valdez, they’re still exciting fights for me. So there’s loads of different options out there.

Joseph Diaz just became the IBF super featherweight champion and we almost fought a few years ago and that’s someone I believe I could beat as well. So there is many, many options out there, but [I’m] just enjoying all this moment in my part of my career.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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