The WBC Simply Posturing For The Media?

Investigate Who?

Last week3kingsboxing.comreported that Eleider Alvarez would take a multi-fight, six figure deal as part of a step aside agreement worked out with his promoter. Alvarez has been Adonis Stevenson mandatory for his WBC Light Heavyweight championship for over 2 years now. It’s the the third time they have reached a step aside deal, which makes you wonder why the WBC would even allow it but is actually legal by their rules.

WBC’s president Mauricio Saulaiman has voiced his displeasure over the deal saying that the sanctioning body will have an investigation on the matter. My question is, investigate what? Everything they have done, unfortunately, is within the rules. Are they going to investigate themselves? Is it posturing for the cameras? What do they intend to find out from this “investigation”? Truth is I don’t have the slightest idea but I can make a suggestion.

How about changing the rule and not allowing anyone to pay step aside fees or maybe saying you’ll only allow a fighter to do it once! It’s a simple solution that fixes the entire situation, so why not just do it? Well see that’s just it, simply put the WBC gets a percentage of the fighters purse, so the higher the purse the bigger the fee is! You all know the saying by now money talks bullshit walks except in this case it’s both. With these governing bodies is always about to the money, they act like they care but it’s always about the bottom line, and yes I’m talking dollar signs!!

I hope they make the changes necessary and the public keeps the pressure on them. I gotta say one thing, Alvarez has become the step aside king, The man has made a living of it! Fans don’t blame the fighters let’s look at the people that allowthis to take place.

By: Wilson Urena

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