Lomachenko/Rigondeaux: A Scientific Showdown

Genius vs Genius


 December 9th Madison Square Garden Theater Lomachenko v Rigondeaux….

  I don’t know about you but my nerves are hanging by a sinew and I’m not sure how long I can hold on before the tension overwhelms me and my anticipation  snaps affecting my peripheral nervous system and then closes my pathways to the electrochemical nerve impulses that are transmitted along each of my  axons to my peripheral organs namely the  boxusmaximum. Sorry it’s not my intention to get all scientific and I completely invented (boxusmaximum) but let’s be honest Lomachenko v Rigondeaux is possibly the most “sweet science”-tific fight in boxing history.

I would actually go as far as to say the three ideal judges  for this fight would have been Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton, and Marie Curie with the referee  none other than Albert Einsteinsimply because genius knows genius and this is after all a showcase for the sweet science.

When two fighters of this magnitude grace the ring together with what can only be viewed as the purist interpretation of the pugilist art in boxing at the moment and arguably in living memory, the boxing industry and it fans as a whole has an obligation to match the skills on display with an unbiased interpretation of what we are about to witness. When the best fighteach other as will be the case here, it is deserving of at the very least an honest and fair assessment.

Let’s hope when Sunday morning rolls around the fans, the media and everyone alike simply tell the story of this battle as it should be; A matchup for the ages that the best man won.

By: Gavin O’Connor

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