Wilder: “Andy Will Be Broke Because His Daddy Made Decisions For Him”

Wilder Says Money Has Not Been Discussed with Andy Ruiz

Deontay Wilder says Andy Ruiz will be worse off for his father
Deontay Wilder (L), Andy and Andres Ruiz

Deontay Wilder Says Andy Ruiz Will Be Worse Off For His Father

When last on the mic, one-time heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder 43-2-1, 42 KO’s) accused Team Ruiz of dodging their fight. In response, Andres Ruiz, father of Andy “The Destroyer” Ruiz (35-2, 22 KO’s), labeled Wilder a liar. In knee-jerk fashion, Wilder is now saying the elder Ruiz is the one full of falsehoods.

The two teams have been dancing around making a fight for years. Yet in recent days and weeks, the back-and-forth is getting more persona. Now, in a recent interview with EsNews, Wilder insists that Andres Ruiz is more trouble than anything else

“Let’s ask Andy’s dad what was the offer given, because we ain’t talked about no money. So how do he know if it was a 70/30 offer? I didn’t talk to Andy’s daddy about any type of money, whatsoever.”


Wilder certainly didn’t hold back when explaining the differences in their two careers!

“And another thing, me and Andy is two different people. Andy was only champion for as long as a blink of an eye. I’m a five year, ten title defense champion! It’s a difference! What I possess is power. I put people on the edge of their seats every time. So I don’t need belts to fight because people come to see my God given talent.”

“Now on the other hand, Andy, what have we seen from him? A short, fat fighter with small hands so it make him look fast; T-Rex, that’s it! You ain’t putting nobody on the edge of the seat, ain’t nobody getting excited. The only reason this fight will be exciting is because they want to see how fast I would knock him out. ”

The Bronze Bomber also made sure to express his mind in regards to Andres Ruiz.

“His daddy got to get out they way. I feel they all crooks! He [Andy Ruiz] say he got the construction company – that’s his daddy construction company and they leeching off of Andy to make that happen, to keep that up. Guess what, when that money run out, there ain’t going to be anywhere else to be. Andy going to be 33 years old, fucking broke, can’t support his children because his daddy made decisions for him that he should have made decisions for himself.”

Given the climate of their chatter, Team Ruiz will be responding to these statements very soon!

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