Austin WIlliams: “Billy Joe Is The Most Boring Fighter In The Weight Class”

Austin Williams believes he would help Billy Joe Saunders push a fight

Austin Williams
Austin Williams

Austin Williams believes he would help Billy Joe Saunders push a fight

On December 19, middleweight prospect Austin “Ammo” Williams (6-0, 5 KO’s) will stage his seventh professional bout. There, on the under card of Alvarez v Smith, Williams will tangle with Isiah Jones (9-3, 3 KO’s). With his current buzz, few are expecting the stiff-punching Wisconsin native to have much resistance.

Ammo was last seen in the ring two months ago mauling Esau Herrera (19-12-1, 8 KO’s). For five straight rounds, Williams chewed on Herrera like a stick of Wriggly’s spearmint. He battered and drained him throughout the dustup with accurate and piercing body shots. Yet, it was a short, neat left uppercut that discombobulated him and later a final hook to the head that ended the evening. While it was an entertaining scrap however, no one is calling Herrera a world level talent.

Even Williams himself acknowledges that he is still very much in the developmental stage of his career. So it is unlikely that Ammo will be placed in with an outright animal anytime soon. Yet, just because the young fighter is still honing his craft, that does not mean he cannot ponder over potential future fights.


One such would-be fight could be staged against WBO world super middleweight champion “Superb” Billy Joe Saunders (30-0, 14 KO’s). Earlier in 2020, Williams posted a clip of himself roughing up a seemingly outmatched sparring partner. As a result of the clip, Ammo came under fire for airing what are essentially thought of as private matters. During that phase of hazing, Saunders was a very vocal voice of criticism.

Clearly, Williams wants a piece of Superb and indicated that if he ever got a belt, Saunders is who he would call out first. Just because it is a fight that he wants does not mean what Ammo finds is all that exciting though. In his opinion, Saunders is lightyears away from being must-see-television and it would be a fight merely to settle a score.

“Billy Joe is the most boring fighter in my weight class. He is an extremely boring fighter and he is on his way out. In a year or two I think that I will really start addressing him more because it’ll be a real fight. Especially at the pace that I am going…continue my journey, my fast track then I feel like in about six months or a year I’ll be really calling out Billy Joe. And he is somebody that will have to address me. Especially after having performances like he’s had, he’s going to have to really address me because he’s not blowing anyone’s mind with his performances.”

Going a step further, Williams believes he may even end up providing the biggest promotional push for the bout.

“People are actually bored to death watching him fight. So I would actually kind of help him as far as the hype and people wanting to see a fight. I’ll actually be someone who will help him. So yeah, Billy Joe, he is just another guy that tried to take advantage of the time I was in when the media was against me. But little did he know, he was actually helping my career.”

There is no guarantee that this bout will ever be staged. Although, even if is, we will have some time to wait. Yet, it will be fun to see what future verbal tussles these two become engaged in.

By: Bakari Simpson

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