Austin Williams: “When I Get A Belt, I’m Calling Out Saunders Intensely!”

Ammo Williams wants Saunders after becoming a champion

Austin Williams (left), Billy Joe Saunders
Austin Williams (left), Billy Joe Saunders

Ammo Williams wants Saunders after becoming a champion

After releasing a controversial one-sided sparring video, middleweight prospect Austin “Ammo” Williams (5-0, 4 KO’s) was confronted with a great deal of criticism. Not meaning to have incurred such a negative response, Williams was quick to issue an apology for the mishap. Before Ammo had a chance to make amends for his actions, there were several boxing insiders and fellow fighters who expressed their distaste for the action.

Of the boxers who took shots at him, UK fighter Anthony Fowler (12-1, 9 KO’s) is the bout that Williams feels could be realistically made right now. Both men are fairly new in their careers and they compete in neighboring divisions. With that being the case, Williams is now openly pursuing that bout so that he can get his pound of flesh in the ring. However, Fowler was not the only fighter that Williams has on his radar.


For the Matchroom Boxing fighter, Williams feels that it’s not beyond reason to get his hands on Fowler as soon as possible. Ammo believes that his skill level and their respective career paths mesh together well. Like Fowler, WBO world super middleweight “Superb” Billy Joe Saunders (29-0, 14 KO’s) also took it upon himself to publically ridicule Williams for his sparring video.

Unlike Fowler however, Williams has not deluded himself into thinking that he could secure a bout with Saunders at this point in his professional journey. That does not mean that Ammo doesn’t believe that it can’t happen. Not only does he maintain faith that he can pen a fight with Superb, he feels that once he acquires a belt, he’ll force it to happen.

“Billy Joe Saunders right now is not nowhere near the top of my hit list, realistically. But when I do collect a belt, he will be the first person that I call out. And I am going to call him out intensely, I am going to make sure that fight happens.”

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