Andrew Cancio Calls for the Vacated WBA Super Belt!

Andrew Cancio Eyeing Gervonta Davis' Vacated Belt!

Andrew Cancio
Andrew Cancio

When will the WBA put some respect on Andrew Cancio’s name?

It’s been long-argued by boxing aficionados that the world sanctioning bodies are deserving of side-eye. However given their prestige, validation,  money, and the boxing landscape, the sanctioning bodies are largely viewed as a necessary evil.

Considering this reality, it has been argued that among the lot, the WBA is the most corrupt. The organization has created multiple divisional “world” titles, such as the “Regular”, “Super”, and “Gold”.

This mode of operation can only be described as the embodiment of greed. It affords the ability to create multiple world title bouts as a way to collect sanction fees and put money in their pockets.

It’s a frustrating ordeal, creating confusion as to who is the true champion within a particular division. Only the sport of boxing allows and tolerates this type of chicanery.


The madness that is the WBA is once again rearing its ugly head with Gervonta “Tank” Davis vacating the “Super” super featherweight title in order to move up to the lightweight division. Where does the madness come in?

Just follow the twisted maze, folks.

With “Tank” deciding to move up a division, it now leaves “Regular” champion Andrew Cancio and “Gold” champion Joseph Diaz. So, what happens now with the “Super” belt at 130?

If all things were fair, Cancio would be rightfully placed as the true WBA champion in the division. In fact, Cancio recently took to twitter to express he deserves the mantle of being the legit WBA belt-holder, no ifs or ands about it.

But alas, this the WBA we’re talking about here. Why would they do such a thing? Well, because that sounds too much like right.

It makes too much sense. And we all know when it comes to this sport, if it sounds too much like right, on many occasions, it doesn’t happen.

Davis fought Jesus Cuellar for the vacant WBA “Super” Super Featherweight title in April of 2018. It was a fight in which most fans with sense knew he would win easily. In short, the WBA basically created a situation and a world title belt for “Tank” to win.

Now that the “Super” belt now vacant again, don’t be surprised if they once again create another situation for another fighter to jump in and win the belt instead of giving that title to the well-deserving Cancio.

To the frustration of many, the WBA is showing itself to be, well, the WBA, and sadly there’s nothing that can be done about it.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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