Charles Conwell: “I’m An All-Around Better Fighter Than Mendoza!”

Charles Conwell Aims To Prove He's The Best at 154

Charles Conwell believes his styles wins over Brian Mendoza
Charles Conwell (L), Brian Mendoza (Esther Lin/Showtime)

Charles Conwell Says He Is Superior to Former Brian Mendoza Foes

There is no question that super welterweight Charles “Bad News” Conwell (18-0, 13 KO’s) is a rising force in the division. Ranked #2 (WBC), #3 (WBO) and #4 (IBF), Conwell is inches away from a title shot. That is, so long as he can maintain his winning ways. Naturally he is foaming at the mouth to get a shot at undisputed 154-pound champion Jermell Charlo, but that is not likely to happen in his next fight or two. Given this reality, as 3Kings Boxing previously reported, Bad News has set his sights on fellow fighter Interim WBC super welterweight champion Brian “La Bala” Mendoza (22-2, 16 KO’s).


While Conwell, 25, is more than committed to the hard work required to receive his first title attempt, he believes he is more than ready. As he explained to Fight Hub TV, Bad News feels that he is heads and shoulders above his present contemporaries.

“I feel like I am an all-around better fighter than Mendoza, I mean he fought two quality guys back to back. But I feel like [Jason] Rosario was a shell of himself and then [Sebastian] Fundora was just a good shot. I am not going to say lucky shot, just a good shot; he got caught cold. But I feel like, with those guys, I possess better defensive skills, I feel like I am more athletic . . . I am a whole different fighter than Fundora, so styles make fights. And I feel like my style is better than his style. I feel like my style can beat his style. I feel my style can beat any style!”


In this world where so much talking by fighters is done on social media, Conwell openly acknowledges that is not his lane. The Ohio fighter is content to let his scientific brutality in the ring do his talking for him.

“I feel like I’m one of the most underrated guys in the whole game of boxing, to be honest. I don’t get talked about a lot because I am not flashy, real flamboyant, real talkative. But when I am in the ring, when it’s time to fight, I mean business. So people don’t translate how calm I am as a person – my social media, it doesn’t really translate. I feel like a lot of people don’t pick that up but I am who I am and I am not going to try to be someone else for nobody else! I’m just going to do what I am doing, keep winning and pushing for the big fights.”

It should be interesting to see what prizefights he can snag before the end of the year.

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