Jermall Charlo Dismisses Fan: “Why Fight Benavidez? I’m Already Rich!”

Jermall Charlo is dismissive towards fighting David Benavidez

WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo at a fight weigh-in, two-time WBC super middleweight champion David Benavidez poses for the press
Jermall Charlo (left), David Benavidez

Jermall Charlo is dismissive towards fighting David Benavidez

WBC middleweight champion Jermall “Hit Man” Charlo (32-0, 22ko) has created a problem that he is unwilling to solve with two-time super middleweight champion David “Red Flag” Benavidez (25-0, 22ko).

Charlo was live on social media with former WBA junior welterweight champion Regis “Rougarou” Prograis. During the live feed, a fan asked a simple question about fighting Benavidez. Prograis answered by saying: “Look! No Man!”

However, Charlo’s response, coming from a world champion, was downright disturbing.

“I don’t listen to none of that shit! I’m already rich. What the fuck am I going to look at the comments for?”


Jermall Charlo was asked a legit question about fighting a guy that called him everything but a child of God. Furthermore, Hit Man started this whole beef. In 2020, Charlo was live with another two-time WBC champion, Anthony “Dog” Dirrell, when he dropped Benavidez’s name.

“If you don’t get that rematch with Benavidez, I’ll take it….We gon show him, let him keep talking shit. I’m gonna come up to 68 and fuck up the whole game.”

Equally important, Charlo has continually insisted he would knockout Benavidez.

“Yeah. Let’s make the fight happen! I’m going to knock his little punk ass out! I promise that. I put that on everything that I love.”


Upon hearing this, Benavidez took that as a challenge and accepted it. Then, all of a sudden, the WBC middleweight champion started having a list of demands. One of them required vaccination. Red Flag had no problem with that but wanted to remind everyone it was Charlo that opened his mouth, talking reckless, first.

“If he wants me to go get vaccinated, I’ll go get vaccinated, just for him…He said he’ll knock me out, he’ll break my neck…So if you’re telling me some words like that, you better be ready to fight me!”

Red Flag grew even more frustrated at the fact Charlo continued to run his mouth but was not backing it up with action.

“That dude, all he fucking does is run his fucking mouth, talking hella shit! But when it’s time to really make these fights happen…It seems like he always has a run-around.”

During an interview on The Last Stand Podcast, Charlo was humming another tune about fighting Benavidez.

“First off, I am the WBC middleweight champion of the world. This dude fights at 168, and he has no belt, he has no title, he has nothing! Like, I don’t get the duck situation.”

The two-time champion has not let up on the gas in going after Charlo. After defeating an overmatched Kyrone Davis, Benavidez called the Hit Man out of his name on national television.

“Charlo doesn’t want to get in the ring with me because he is a pussy, that’s why!”


Before the live feed of Charlo with Prograis surfaced, the WBC champion’s social media activity was oddly quiet. To now witness his dismissive, materialistic retort in return to being denigrated as a fighter betrays his pride in his reputation. Again, this was in response to a fan’s question. For this author, Charlo’s behavior towards this situation is shameful. At this point, unless he decides to settle up with David Benavidez, this is an undeniable duck!

By: Garrisson Bland

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