Julio Cesar Chavez Junior Lets The Sport Down . . . Again

Chavez Junior gets slapped around and disrespected by Anderson Silva

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Chavez Junior gets slapped around and disrespected by Anderson Silva

Just when you think it can’t get worse for career underachiever Julio “JC” Chavez Jr (52-5-1, 34 KO’s), he manages to befuddle you anew. On this occasion, Junior found himself getting schooled and roughed up by MMA legend turned boxer Anderson “The Spider” Silva (1-1, 1 KO’s).

The two were recently in an infamous “boxing versus MMA” crossover fight. Here, The Spider was leaving the cage to dance within the ropes. In 1998, twenty-three years ago, when Silva made his boxing debut, he was smooth knocked out in the first round. Seven years later, The Spider won his second boxing match by knockout.


Sixteen years after his last boxing match, the 46-year-old Silva made Junior look like a rank amateur. Throughout most of the first round, Silva fluttered around the ring like a bird locked in with a crocodile. He would land superficial punches here and there, but movement was his initial priority. In the second round The Spider was far more comfortable and began landing more meaningful blows.

In the third round, The Spider might as well have been Shang Tsung because he sucked Junior’s soul out right in front of the audience. By this point Silva was fully acclimated to the ring and feeling cocky. At a significant point in the round, The Spider continually motioned for JC to attack while he was pent in the corner. Silva exited the corner only to immediately and dramatically walk straight back and invite Junior in again. The whole sequence completely delighted the crowd at hand. JC had no worthwhile response.

He mainly just stood there or threw halfhearted single shots that were mostly blocked. The round ended with Silva belly laughing like a Saturday morning cartoon villain that just revealed their evil plan. For the remainder of the bout, The Spider demoralized Junior. He jabbed him up, outworked him, landed an obscene amount of uppercuts and repeatedly pent him to the ropes and pummeled Junior.


As a boxing community, we have long come to the realization that JC is not going to take his career seriously. Time and time again he has underwhelmed and disappointed. Yet, in a boxing match versus a career cage fighter, one would think at least here he should shine just a bit. Then quicker than a deadbeat dad come birthday time, he breaks your heart again. In fact, if a viewer did not know who was who, the uninitiated would have sworn that Silva was the natural boxer.

This was another embarrassing episode in a long highlight reel of shameful moments. Junior has been suspended for drug use (albeit marijuana), listless in the ring, missed weight multiple times, shown to be undisciplined and has quit on the stool. Throughout this entire bout, JC looked soft and gassed. Now in this on-going unofficial rivalry, the MMA side can scratch off another victory over the sweet science. Whatever Junior was meant to excel at in this lifetime clearly is not boxing. Let’s just hope that he finds his true talent so that he can stop defiling the beloved sport.

By: Bakari Simpson

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