Coach Bullet Gordon: “Fighters Hide Behind Weight Classes!”

Coach Bullet: "If You Know How To FIght, Then You Know How To Fight!"

Collage of Bullet Gordon and Rolly Romero
Coach Bullet Gordon and Rolando Romero

Bullet Gordon Trainer For Rolly Romero Says Fighters Use Weight As Excuse

In his last fight, lightweight fighter Rolando “Rolly” Romero (14-1, 12 KO’s) suffered his first professional defeat. That loss, by 7th round knockout, was force fed to him by regular WBA lightweight champion Gervonta Davis. In stunning fashion however, Romero emerged from the rubble of that devastation with an almost gleeful demeanor. Clearly this positive frame of mind is contagious, as his chief second and former fighter, Cromwell “Bullet” Gordon, had a similarly upbeat and optimistic frame of mind.


Not only does Gordon appear to not be paying the loss much attention, he is in the market for bigger fish both metaphorically and literally. If given his way, as Team Romero has previously stated, they would love to lock horns with unified welterweight champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr (28-0, 22 KO’s). In his opinion, as Bullet explained to Fight Hype, bringing up the difference in weight is just fancy talk for ducking.

“I think that people hide behind weight classes too much. if you know how to fight you know how to fight! If I’m in the street and a nigga run up on me 200 pounds and I’m 160, we going to fight, fuck you! So that’s pound for pound shit!

“If a nigga 147 and he talking shit to me, let’s fight then! […] People make excuses in boxing, oh a ’35 pounder, can’t fight a ’47 pounder or a ‘54?!

“Why is there eight divisions [of] world champions? Because a mothafucka can move up where he want! Fighters get comfortable at a certain weight because they feel good, they strong. But if you want to fight a nigga under [your weight class] make the sacrifice to fight him. If you want to fight a nigga up then eat some steak and go fight a bigger nigga! What’s that?!”  


No matter how you shape it, this is dubious advice at best or the essence of criminal negligence at worst. Considering the glaring technical deficiencies that Rolly harbors and the trouble he’s had at lightweight, it seems a grim task to chase the top flight elite fighters of 147.

This seems to be a guaranteed formula for disaster. Yet, I guess so long as they crash and burn on pay-per-view, what’s the big deal, right?

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By: Bakari Simpson

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