De La Hoya: “Ryan Must Look Within And Get Rid Of Everybody”

De La Hoya Speaks Out Against Ryan Garcia's Racism

Oscar De La Hoya looks displeased with Ryan Garcia
Oscar De La Hoya wants Ryan Garcia to rid himself of negative influences (credit: Getty)

Oscar De La Hoya Believes It’s Time for Garcia to Clean House

Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya has come out rejecting the racism put out by his fighter, “King Ry” Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20KO). De La Hoya wants his fighter to look within and eliminate the bad elements.

It’s no secret King Ry has been buzzing all over the news following a racist rant that has gone viral. Fans and pundits have been voicing their opinions on the matter for the last two days. In addition, his family and the WBC have spoken out against his controversial words.


In another segment of this ongoing saga, De La Hoya has also spoken on the topic. While talking to the media, he stated that Golden Boy doesn’t condone racism.

“First of all, we at Golden Boy, including myself, don’t condone any racism . . . it’s not good what he said . . . just heard Ryan saying he’s going into rehab. It’s a step in the right direction for him. I’ve spoken to my partner Bernard Hopkins, and we just don’t condone that.”

“You want to get help yourself without people telling you. My recommendation for Ryan is he must look within and see the circle he has around him and get rid of everybody.”

De La Hoya knows a thing or two about going into rehab to deal with those inner demons. His past with drugs and substance abuse almost cost the Golden Boy executive the company.

It’s clear that Garcia needs help, although going into rehab and even issuing an apology won’t be enough. He also will be serving a yearlong suspension due to a failed banned substance test. Only time will tell if King Ry will stop this campaign of self-sabotage sooner than later.

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