Schofield Sr To Davis: “You Going To Send A Contract? Run Then!”

Schofield Sr. Is Not Letting Keyshawn Davis Slide Off Quietly!

Keyshawn Davis gets called out by Floyd Schofield Sr.
Floyd Schofield Sr. hopes to get Keyshawn Davis in the ring in November (credit: IG @kid_austin1)

Floyd Schofield Sr. Wants to Hook Keyshawn Davis for November

When lightweight boxer Keyshawn “The Businessman” Davis (10-0, 7 KO’s) next steps in the ring, on July 6, he will face the challenge of Miguel Madueno. Instead of the #4 (WBO) and #11 (WBA) ranked Madueno, Schofield Sr. would rather Davis have dueled with his son, Floyd “Kid Austin” Schofield (17-0, 12 KO’s). In a recent social media post, Schofield Sr., the chief second to Kid Austin, revealed his thoughts about the matter.

“I’m on my bullshit y’all. I see Keyshawn talking a lot of shit about Tank [Gervonta Davis] and everybody else and that’s his business. But Keyshawn, you walked up on our promoter and said about us fighting this year, what’s up?! What’s up with the end of this year, brother? If we don’t fight in November, what’s up? Are you going to send a contract or what, because you walked up like you was a tough guy, then you went real silent!”

“You real quiet trying to jump up there and fight [Teofimo] Lopez, everybody else; Just say you scared, Keyshawn! Say you scared, stop playing brother! Now you trying to go up to 140; Run then! Run! Boy talked all that shit, now you running with your tail in between your legs.”


When he last entered the ring, versus Esteuri Suero, Schofield dominated the bout but clearly demonstrated that he has some much needed maturing to do. Again, while the #2 (WBA) and #13 (IBF) ranked Kid Austin frequently hurt and outclassed Suero, his constant over eagerness to engage often suffocated his own opportunities to work and directly lead to a head clash that left him walking away with a sizable gash.

While it’s commendable that Team Schofield are pursuing this fight, one can’t be mad at Davis for trying to secure the biggest prizefights within his potential grasp. This was the same thing that they themselves were doing when they routinely called to make a match with WBC lightweight champion Shakur Stevenson.

At the same time though, Schofield and Davis have maintained a healthy back and forth for a little while. In recent interviews, Davis has not given much indication that he is thinking about locking horns with Schofield any time soon. Yet, if victorious, it will be interesting to see if The Businessman makes any mention of a potential fall showdown with Schofield. But first, let’s see if Keyshawn Davis properly takes care of business when he fights Miguel Madueno.

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