Gomez Fires Back At Golovkin

Golden Boy President fires back at Golovkin 

With Gennady Golovkin expressing his frustrations with the whole situation around the Canelo Alvarez failed drug test and the pending investigation Golden Boy President Eric Gomez retorted earlier to the LA Times.

“Golovkin doesn’t sound like a confident fighter. I guess he has a lot of insecurities.”

“Canelo is a clean fighter, the statistics back it up. I guess he is preparing his excuse in case he loses.”

“GGG sounds like a guy trying to find a way out of a fight. If he wants out he should just say so.”

Golovkin stated earlier that he believed that Canelo was not clean during their first fight as well as his desire for Alvarez to take a lie detector.

The rhetoric between the two sides will likely until there’s a conclusion to the ongoing investigation being done by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Golovkin’s team expressed concerns earlier as to whether there would be a legitimate investigation as well.

Gomez takes the high road when asked by saying that is in the hands of the NSAC and that Golden Boy is confident that they will make the correct decision. Alvarez’ camp is currently off limits to the media so no reply has came from reaching out to his team.

By: Chris Henderson 

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