Is Wilder Even Hungrier After Joshua’s Performance Saturday?

Joshua’s performance gives an already hungry Wilder even more incentive 

This past Saturday evening boxing fans witnessed Anthony Joshua add yet another heavyweight strap to his collection when he defeated Joesph Parker. The unified champ added the WBO belt to the WBA, IBF & IBO trinkets he already had.

Going into this fight a lot of people felt that Joshua would simply be too much for Parker, myself included. Boy were we ever wrong.

Parker’s movement and jab seemed to give Joshua more problems than was expected. It appeared as if Joshua wasn’t able to get his right hand off like he wanted to, nor land the big left hook he’s known for.

Instead of the dominating performance expected, by many from Joshua, we got what some are calling a flat lackluster performance, which has seemingly opened up more questions about Joshua. Can he deal with movers? Is he too basic a fighter to be a long reigning champion?

While this performance may not have been his best, the truth remains that he’s the man in heavyweight division. The man that everyone is chasing, including WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.

Wilder himself, wasn’t very impressed by the show Joshua put on but he was however happy to hear Joshua say he wanted a fight with the American. Wilder and his team have issued the following statement;

“First of all, I want to congratulate Anthony Joshua on his win last Saturday night. Anthony, I am so glad we finally heard from you on Saturday and that you want to fight me as your next opponent and you want the fight to happen in the UK.”

“I accept that challenge and I am ready to come to the UK for my next fight. There is nothing on Team Wilder’s side to prevent me fighting you next.”

“You also said on Saturday that your team is ready to meet with Shelly Finkel and Al Haymon from my side to get this deal done. They are also ready to meet with your team immediately. Let us know when – the sooner, the better.”

“Thanks Anthony, I can’t wait to meet you in the ring.” said the statement from Wilder.

Obviously there’s a lot more to making this fight happen than simply issuing statements or saying they want the fight. Let’s hope they’re able to sit down and hash out a deal to get arguably the biggest fight in the sport made.

By: Jerrell Jasper 

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