Tyson Fury Dominates Wilder; Becomes New WBC Champion!

Tyson Fury Takes Out Deontay Wilder With Relative Ease!

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury coasts to a stoppage win over Deontay Wilder!

The highly anticipated heavyweight rematch between WBC champ Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder and former unified champion Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury finally took place at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas!

Both men have been in a verbal war over social media since the controversial draw result of their first fight back in December of 2018! The rematch was imminent as soon as the majority draw was read.

To start, the intros set the tone, as Fury came out sitting on a throne atop a stage carried by multiple women. Meanwhile, Wilder wanted to make it clear as a notion to celebrate Black History Month and to celebrate blackness in general. He walked to the ring to a montage of past black revolutionaries like Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.


The biggest controversy pre-fight was Fury weighing in 273 pounds, nearly 20 pounds more than he did in the first fight. The reason this was seen as a bad move by the boxing consensus is because the movement and stamina of Fury could be compromised with the extra weight.

However, not only did his new trainer Javan “Sugar” Hill state the extra weight was because they would be gunning for the knockout, but Fury’s co-promoter Bob Arum claimed the weight would result in Fury getting a stoppage before the eighth round!

Well…the plan worked!

Fury started the fight walking the Bronze Bomber down behind a jab. The first big shot that landed was a right-hand on the chin from Wilder that caused a pause from the British fans. However, the 6’9″ heavyweight ate it with no problems!

He then proceeded to continue to walk the champion down despite the danger. Not only did he walk him down, he controlled the pace of the fight behind excellent ring generalship and was able to land with more accuracy. To be frank, there were a few jabs that were knocking Wilder off balance!

He was caught again three more times by the right-hand in the second round but again, they did nothing. This would be the beginning of the end for the WBC champion.


Coach Hill and Arum were spot on in calling this fight! Fury said he saw something in Wilder before this fight started and was sure he would win the rematch. What he realized was the tendency at which Wilder throws the right-hand! The champion has a serious problem telegraphing it and depending on too much on it that he neglects the basics!

For an intelligent fighter like Fury, a fighter who makes himself one-dimensional is food for him and Wilder was ready to be served!

Fury intelligently kept timing the right-hand, which would open the champ up and he would capitalize with counters. Whether it was the extra weight of Fury or just the accuracy of each shot, Wilder seemed to be knocked off balance each time a punch connected.

With a little over a minute left in the third, another jab rocked the champion followed by a right-hand over the top that caused the canvas to slip from under his feet.

A knockdown? For Fury? Referee Kenny Bayless starts the count to the dismay of the champion. Wilder rises quickly with a look of disgust on his face but was ready to continue. The round would end with Wilder hoping to land a right-hand to change the momentum but to no avail.

He literally spent the remainder of the round falling all over the canvas as if he had absolutely lost his equilibrium!


The remainder of the fight consisted of Wilder praying he could land a right-hand against a guy that completely had him figured out! This is why the criticism of the champion had always been on point in terms of him relying too much on one punch.

If he were to get in the ring with a truly intelligent fighter that could make the correct adjustments, he would be in trouble. Not only was he in trouble, it got to the point where he was not even competitive!

In round five, after spitting blood out of his mouth and bleeding from his ear, Wilder took a left hook to the body that put him down for a second time. At this point, it was clear the fight would not last much longer.

Fury looked as if this was a walk in the park! Right-hand after wild right-hand came and went as the Gypsy King easily dodged each one while utilizing combination punching and bullying Wilder all over the ring!

By the sixth round, many fans were wondering why Bayless or the corner of Wilder hadn’t stopped the fight as the beating he was taking was vicious!

Little did we know, this would not continue passed the next round. After taking much more punishment, Wilder found himself up against the ropes now with a swollen right eye, a bloody mouth, what looked to be a broken jaw and a busted ear drum, taking a barrage of shots with no answer.

Finally, both Bayless and Wilder’s trainer Mark Breland both stepped in. Breland would throw the towel as Bayless simultaneously stepped in front of Wilder.


The man who once was over 400lbs, was on drugs and depressed to the point where he tried to commit suicide while on a three year layoff from the biggest win of his career has found himself on top of the division again! With this win, he can now say he has held all four of the major sanctioning bodies at heavyweight!

Not only did he win the fight, he won in such tremendous fashion that he barely took any damage! 3kingsboxing.com had Fury sweeping this fight along with two 10-8 rounds at the time of the stoppage!

Arum has stated in the past that a trilogy is in line for these two. However, it is this writer’s opinion that, given the difference in class, a third fight is not needed.

Wilder cannot and will not beat a game and focused Fury at any point of his career!

At this point, Fury should look to become undisputed against IBF, WBA and WBO champion Anthony Joshua and further cement his legacy as one of the best heavyweights of this era!

By: EJ Williams

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