Rosales Pulls Off Major Upset Over Higa

Rosales wins flyweight title

Cristofer Rosales, 27-3, 18 KO, won the WBC flyweight belt as he defeated former titlist Daigo Higa, 15-1, 15 KO. Higa’s corner finally signaled a surrender at 1:14 of the ninth round on Sunday in Japan. Higa had lost his title yesterday by missing weight by coming to the scale at 114lbs.

From the outset, the taller Rosales was able to establish distance with his jab. He took the leadoff with solid left uppercuts following left-right combos and hurt Higa from all angles. Higa exclusively fought back with body shots, but Rosales looked more effective even in close quarters.

The fifth and sixth saw Rosales, connect with left and right uppercuts to the face and midsection to weaken the still game but fading Higa. Higa, however, furiously attempted to retaliate with two-fisted attacks to the breadbasket in rounds seven and eight, while Rosales fought back hard without retreating in the center of the ring. After the eighth, the scorecards were as follows: 77-75, 79-73 for Rosales, 76-76.

In the ninth, Rosales had him at bay with solid and effective combinations. Then Higa’s corner finally made up its mind and asked the referee to stop the proceedings.

By: Wilson Urena