Amanda Serrano Spars With Eddie Hearn On Social Media Over Pay Cut

Amanda Serrano wants some answers, calls out Eddie Hearn

Amanda Serrano (left), Eddie Hearn
Amanda Serrano (left), Eddie Hearn

Amanda Serrano wants some answers, calls out Eddie Hearn

Like most people on the weekend, you are a night owl up late seeing what’s either on television or in the news. In addition, with all sporting events canceled, that quick sports hit has been challenging. If that’s your case, then look no further! Social media is on fire with the back and forth between seven-divisional female champion Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano (38-1-1, 28ko) and British promoter Eddie Hearn.


Everyone was excited and ready for the blockbuster bout between undisputed lightweight champion Katie “KT” Taylor (15-0, 6ko) and the Puerto Rican female champion that was going to take place May 2, 2020.

Then, out of nowhere, came a new challenger in COVID-19 that messed up the entire game plan for everyone. Every major sporting event on the globe faced cancellation. Next was an attempt at rescheduling the fight until recent reports that Serrano reportedly backed out of the fight. This time, the reason was because they were offering her a pay cut.

Of course, this news hit hard within the boxing community and is a huge blow to woman’s boxing if such a historical fight won’t take place. The British promoter quickly tried to do damage control by explaining that Serrano didn’t have a pay reduction.


Now normally, something like this would simmer for a while. However, these aren’t normal times we live in.

Serrano, still agitated by all this, took to social media seeking the answers herself and it felt like church was still in session.

Okay, hold on, this was only the beginning.

Amanda Serrano goes after Lou DiBella and Eddie Hearn for allegedly excluding her team from negotiations
Amanda Serrano goes after Lou DiBella and Eddie Hearn for allegedly excluding her team from negotiations

Hearn immediately responded trying to add some form of clarity to the situation.

Eddie Hearn supplies documentation of only the fight date being changed
Eddie Hearn supplies documentation of only the fight date being changed

Then after that, it just became a complete drama as fans were all reading the back and forth, eating the popcorn, and drinking a beer or large soda.

Hearn would follow up with even more detailed information.

“Your promoter will confirm that exactly one week ago today we confirmed in writing the new date and that you would be paid the full amount that was in your contract.”

“Yes, there were two date changes due to a slight global pandemic. You have 8 weeks no excuses!”

The female champion wasn’t remotely satisfied with that answer and took her promoter to the task.

“Lou Dibella why don’t I know of your signed written agreement with this new change & date? Do I even matter to you or this subject? I’m done being a Promoters TOY!”

Confused by this response and trying to clear the air, Hearn tried once again to explain.

“No, I didn’t say Lou accepted anything. We rescheduled the fight for August 22 as per our signed contract. Please read my previous tweets and the email and hopefully, it’s clear.”

“Yes we discussed the purse, he confirmed you would not take a reduction, and then we confirmed last Sunday that we will pay the full amount and confirmed the new date. I also tweeted this at the time (I believe you were on the tweet).”

This still wasn’t the end, as the female champion added one last statement suggesting that lawyers will have to sort out this mess.

“My promoter told me way different shit than you’re saying. I was told either I take a purse deduction or no fight, now it magically changed YEAH OK!”

“Yeah I never got as much as a courtesy call to say May was canceled & July 4th was on. Then I read July 4th was canceled & no date scheduled. Now a new date after threatening to have us wait till there was an audience.”

“Let our Lawyers work.”

If this seemed confusing, then you’re not alone. This whole situation, although entertaining, it is also draining trying to keep up with when all the fans want is to see is these two champion square off in the ring.

Hopefully in the end the fight will happen and cooler heads will prevail.

3kingsboxing will continue to monitor this for any further development.

By: Garrisson Bland

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