Bob Arum On Crawford: “He Is Getting Paid More Than Anyone In Boxing”

Bob Arum says Terence Crawford is paid more than anyone!

Terence Crawford (left), Bob Arum
Terence Crawford (left), Bob Arum

Bob Arum says Terence Crawford is paid more than anyone!

Over the weekend, promoter Bob Arum found himself conducting a mountain of interviews. This was due to his charge’s, WBO world welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford (37-0, 28 KO’s), November 14 fight date.

Yet, as it so often happens, Arum believes that one of his quotes was taken out of context. Not only did he feel misrepresented, the quote went viral. Later, in an interview with Barbershop Conversations, the long-standing fight hustler took the time to correct the confusion. Along with amending the twisted blurb, Arum chose to highlight how sweet Crawford has it with Top Rank.

“That’s not really the whole thing that I said. I mean it’s an honor to promote the best fighter in boxing. Have we lost money on him, yeah, but again we have a contract that lasts I think to the end of next year.”

“And so we hope to maximize his purses. He’s getting paid more than anyone in boxing except the top heavyweights! So we will try to maximize his revenue but we need him to be more outgoing with the media…but again, if we are going to maximize his pursues, and remember, he’s getting more than anybody else is getting other than the heavyweights and Canelo.”


With the time to iron out what he feels was sensationalism, Arum has let it be known that he is not at his wits end with Crawford. There is no doubt that Bud has been anything but a social butterfly when in the media spotlight. Not even the WBO champion himself would deny this.

In fact, the native Nebraskan has even admitted to snubbing numerous media outlets on account of them writing overly biased pieces about him. Therefore, it will be telling to see how Crawford behaves going forward with regard to the press. Especially if he wants to secure the mega-fights that he has his eyes on.

“But to maximize, he’s got to do his job. In the ring, there is no question that he does his job. But outside the ring he needs to help himself a little bit…ESPN is the greatest platform but Crawford has to take time off and go with Stephen Smith and go with Max Kellerman. Not only when he is doing a fight, but when he is not doing a fight.”

“All of these platforms on ESPN would love to have Terence Crawford on there, Jalen Rose would love it. And it’s all available to him, but he’s got to want to do it…their begging him, he could be on every week!”

By: Bakari Simpson

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