Top 5 Most Valuable UFC Fighters Of All-Time

Who Is Making The Most Money As A UFC Fighter?

Conor McGregor yells in the middle of the octagon; Khabib Nurmagomedov poses with the UFC belt; Brock Lesnar flexes after a weigh-in.
From left to bottom right: Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Brock Lesnar

Who Are The Top 5 Most Valuable UFC Fighters Of All-Time?

UFC fighters can make a lot of money…like a lot! It makes sense, as millions of people tune in to watch two warriors battle it out in a ring. These athletes need a good wage packet to bow out when the hits become too much.

Of course there is a difference between a retirement plan and earning over a million dollars! If a fighter does well in the octagon, then you’ll know that their worth will sky-rocket. Therefore, it’s a good that MMA fights odds roughly match their value.

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Conor McGregor – Current Worth $120 Million

The cat has been out of the bag for a while when it comes to McGregor and his wealth. This outstanding fighter is the wealthiest in the UFC and one of the richest athletes in the world. It’s gotten to the point where just showing up to a fight will grant McGregor $3 million!

Imagine another job like that, where rocking up to your desk pays you 0.025% of your total wealth. It gets even more ridiculous when you realize the tickets for the events only make $1 million. The venue has to rely on advertisements just to pay for one fighter, let alone the other fighter or the staff.

Of course Conor McGregor earns his money through more than fights. He also has a thriving whiskey business!

Khabib Nurmagomedov – Current Worth $30 Million

The drop from first place to second is super dramatic. An eye-watering $90 million separates the most wealthy UFC fighter and Nurmagomedov doesn’t even have $90 million to his name! Now, we cannot scoff at $30 million as that is a ridiculously high amount that the vast majority of people will never be able to touch. Therefore, we must praise Nurmagomedov for this financial success. 

Georges St-Pierre – Current Worth $30 Million

St-Pierre is a retired fighter. However, In his time, he brought the most money into the octagon. His last fight was with Michael Bisping and he was automatically received $2.5 million regardless of the outcome.

Due to his amazing talent, St-Pierre also bagged all of the good endorsements available to him including 888Poker, EA and Under Armour!

His net worth is a testament to how often he was asked to appear in the octagon and how much the audience loved seeing him fight. St-Pierre was one of the best MMA fighters of all-time and the money in his bank account proves it!

Brock Lesnar – Current Worth $28 Million

If you see the name “Brock” and jump straight to Pokemon, don’t worry, we do too. But today, we are talking about the legendary Brock Lesnar. As the WWE’s most valuable star, Lesnar makes a mind-melting $6 million a year. Furthermore, he is still contracted with UFC which is why we have added him to the list.

When he joins a UFC fight, Lesnar makes an automatic earning of $2.5 million regardless of the outcome!

Anderson Silva – Current Worth $18 Million

Even though Anderson isn’t a top-level fighter anymore, his name has enough value to make the viewers switch on and put advertising money into his pockets. The UFC understands that, which is why he has an automatic payment of $600K per fight.

Along with the UFC payments, Silva also receives sponsorship deals with massive names like Burger King and Nike!

Bonus – Ronda Rousey – Current Worth $8 Million

There are so many more valuable UFC fighters, so we will give you a bonus name!

Although we have dropped $10 million with our bonus entry, our fair lady has doubled in talent. Although retired, Rousey is one of the best fighters in women’s MMA (arguable only behind Amanda Nunes) and brought in millions of views every time she fought.

Yet this Olympian is not given the same credit or value as her less decorated male counterparts. UFC, you have some explaining to do!

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