Alen Babic Knocks Damian Chambers’ Head Off In Three!

Alen Babic Picks Up His Seventh Knockout!

Alen Babic

Alen Babic Keeps His Perfect Pro Record

Croatian heavyweight Alen “The Savage” Babic (7-0, 7KO) isn’t a notable name outside of the following he has amassed in the United Kingdom due to his character. However, quick research uncovers he is a fighter that looks to destroy any opponent in front of him with relentless pressure and power from both hands. He returns in his first bout in 2021 against former cruiserweight Damian Chambers.

There isn’t a story of Olympic gory or an extensive world-renown amateur career that precedes Babic’s professional career. His best success came from competing in several Croatian National championships. He would win two gold and two silver medals in all. After winning the National Championship in 2016, he tried his hand at qualifying for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro but lost in the quarter-finals. In 2017, he competed in the European championships but dropped the opening round by split-decision.

To be honest, there isn’t much on paper backing the 30 year-old Croatian that would immediately grab the attention of boxing fans. At 6’1″, he is considered on the “short-side” at heavyweight and his body isn’t massive. He and his team have mentioned their ability to make the cruiserweight division at their leisure. Also, he doesn’t have a long reach, doesn’t poses fast feet or hands. We won’t even mention his defense. This makes him a complete one-dimensional fighter!

Nevertheless, what is intriguing is his ability to keep the pressure on his opponent and the devastating power he possesses. So far, he has stopped every fighter he has faced. Additionally, outside of the usual suspects like Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, Dillian Whyte and Oleksandr Usyk at heavyweight then Mairis Briedis, Yunier Dorticos and Lawrence Okolie at cruiserweight, the divisions are rather thin. This makes Babic a fighter to keep an eye on…for now!


Babic started the fight applying aggression in full-force! The first few shots he threw staggered Chambers early. Then a left hook came in and knocked Chambers across the ring where he grabbed the ropes to remain on his feet. The referee promptly administered the count and a shaky Chambers made it to his feet.

While fans expected the knockout to come at any point, Babic is a front-runner. The term is usually used to describe a fighter who fights hard for the first quarter of a fight then starts to fade by the middle rounds. However in this context, it is meant to describe him on a round-by-round basis. The first minute and a half, he is fierce. Then the last minute, he typically backs off to regain his wind. Given this, Chambers would survive the first round.

To be honest, the former cruiserweight didn’t look bad in the second round but was still getting rocked around the ring. The damage on his face proved he wasn’t receiving any “pity-pat” shots from Babic. Then in the third round, Chambers got caught on the ropes taking a combination from Babic topped off with the same left hook that caused the first knockdown in the opening round. Only this time, the body of the former cruiserweight would do a complete 180 and be slumped over the ropes!

Obviously by this description, there was no need for a count!

Babic is a cult favorite in the UK given his fan-friendly fighting style and possessing the voice of a character from a Gladiator movie. Regardless, if he wants to be seen a serious contender, he first needs to figure out what division he wants to compete at. Then he has some serious work to do in becoming a better fighter all-around!

By: EJ Williams

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