Benavidez: “I’m Not Underestimating Angulo, He’s A Great Fighter”

David Benavidez Talks Roamer Angulo Fight

David Benavidez (left), Angulo Roamer
David Benavidez (left), Angulo Roamer

David Benavidez Talks Roamer Angulo Fight

Ahead of WBC world super middleweight champion David “Red Flag” Benavidez’s (22-0, 19 KO’s) next bout, there are precious few in the boxing world giving his dance partner, Roamer Angulo (26-1, 22 KO’s) much of a shot of victory. Benavidez is not so hasty to count him out though.

Red Flag has not vetted him to the point he could be his biographer or anything. Yet, he has seen enough to know that Angulo is no play toy. The champ understands that simply because American audiences don’t rank him highly does not mean that the Columbian is not a potential uphill battle.

“Well for Roamer Angulo, I feel like the thing about me is I am not underestimating him at all because he is a very great fighter, he does stuff that a lot of people don’t really realize, that they are not used to seeing. He is actually a good counter puncher, he has heavy hands and I think that is why he caught [Gilberto] ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez in that fight.”

“He hurt Ramirez a couple times. And then Anthony Sims [Jr] too! He upset the prospect because I feel like they did not watch too much film about him; because there is not too much fights about him on YouTube and they weren’t really that prepared. But he is a guy, he has a lot of power, he’s more of a brawler than anything but I feel like he ain’t never fought nobody like me!”


On their August 15 showdown, the champ means to illustrate in brutal fashion the difference in his skillset and his #15 WBC ranked challenger.

In his mind’s eye, after opening up with one of the best jabs in the business, Benavidez plans on smothering his Columbian foe in a substantial amount of discomfort. And with the confidence that he has in his engine, Red Flag feels that the brutality will only get more severe with time.

“But I feel like he has never fought nobody like me. He’s never fought nobody with a jab like me, he’s never fought nobody with the speed that I have or who works to the body how I do. So I feel like he is going to have a long night.”

“…I feel like I become a better fighter once the second half of the fight comes in. The first half of the fight you’re just going in there seeing what works best and then when the second wind kicks in, I feel that’s when I take off. That’s what happened in the Anthony Dirrell fight, that’s what happened in the Porky Medina fight.”

“So I feel like I just enjoy being in there, I spar so much, I have so many rounds of sparring in me that I know how to work the first half and I know how to work out the second half. I never really run out of gas in a fight, I love everything about boxing! I love everything about these professional fights, I love everything about hurting people, you know what I mean. It’s a fun thing! And I love the way the people react to my fights because at the end of the day I give some crowd-pleasing fights.”


Should Benavidez win on August 15, he openly says he is looking to face all the other champions.

“I just want to tell all of them to get ready. Let’s all come to an agreement, there can’t be four champions undefeated at 168. You know we all got to fight each other one day and may the best man win. I feel like I am the best out of all of them. So if anybody wants to come prove me wrong then send me an offer, come send me a deal. We’ll get the fight made…I feel like I’m going to have all titles.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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