Bill Haney: “Time Off Has Benefited Devin!”

Bill Haney Confident Time Off For Devin Haney Has Helped!

Bill Haney and Devin Haney
Bill Haney (left) and Devin Haney.

Bill Haney Thinks Time Off Has Been Good For Devin Haney! 

It’s far from one of the world’s greatest mysteries that boxing is a tough way to earn a buck. After years of honing one’s craft by shedding blood, sweat and tears, there is no guarantee that a fighter will ever see any real money or serious recognition.

Roadblocks, hurdles and injuries are just par for the course, as WBC world lightweight champion in recess Devin “The Dream” Haney (24-0, 15 KO’s) is learning firsthand.


Nevertheless, the most productive people around are those who can look at their circumstances, regardless if things are ideal or not, and make the best of what they’ve got. At the moment, Devin Haney is in the disadvantageous situation of being sidelined by injury. After damaging his shoulder in his last bout against Alfredo Santiago, the Dream underwent corrective surgery.

While it’s a no-brainer that Team Haney would rather be healthy and active, the time off has not been without its benefits. In an exclusive interview with Fight Hype, Devin’s father and trainer, Bill Haney delved a bit deeper into the subject.

“Well as a father and as a trainer, it’s good to see Devin relax and having some fun, you know? Just letting his body heal. As a trainer, to get a chance to see his body transform back from being so muscular to not having a lot of the muscle mass [has been good].

“So what we are attempting to prepare for is for him to have more lean body fat. You know, lean body mass I should say and be a lot stronger and faster, so it’s good.”


Aside from providing the Dream a chance to rest his body and mind for bit, this brief hiatus has also afforded Team Haney the best chance to scout the field for his next opponent.

“Well it was two-fold. Like I said, for him to get a chance to rest and then also for Devin to actually get a chance to pick the best fight. The next fight being the best fight for him because at our pace we were fighting the fight that was available, you know?

“Not necessarily building or preparing for any one big fight.”

With the current climate of the lightweight division, it seems likely that Devin Haney will be able to land a meaningful fight upon his return. Let’s just hope that he is not out much longer and that one of those big prizefights does come through!

By: Bakari Simpson

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