Fight Preview: Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin 2

Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin: A Rivalry Rekindled – 

After the on-again off-again negotiations, failed drugs tests by Canelo, and trash talk from both sides the rematch is finally here!

Last September, these two men battled to what many feel was a controversial draw. Now a year and failed drug test later, we’ll get to see these two men try and rectify what they feel was a bad decision.

Gennady Golovkin

The current reigning middleweight kingpin is hell bent on inflicting a lot of pain on Canelo Alvarez. The lack of respect is clear as day. In the first fight, Golovkin came out stalking Alvarez; forcing him to use excessive movement, which paid dividends in the second half of the fight.

Canelo Alvarez

The two division champion came out sharp, as he was able to counter and beat Golovkin to the punch for majority of the first half of the fight. Known for his upper body and head movement, Alvarez was able to slip the punches of Golovkin and land a lot of his own.

Down the stretch:

The fight started to balance out in the second half. The aforementioned pressure of Golovkin started to finally pay off. Alvarez started to get fatigued, which led to less movement. He retreated to the ropes where Golovkin, a tremendous body puncher, relished.

From this writers perspective, the first encounter was a tale of two fights. A fast start by Alvarez and a strong finish by Golovkin.

Prediction time

With emotions at an all time high between these two, I expect this fight to be better than the first one. I expect both guys to stand and trade trying to prove a point to one another.

I see Gennady Golovkin winning by a mid-round knockout to get his “revenge” on Canelo Alvarez.

Regardless of the outcome the fans will be the real winners in this one.

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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