Jono Carroll: “I’ve Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain…”

Jono Carroll Ready to Shock Tevin Farmer

Jono Carroll
Jono Carroll

Jono Carroll Believes Tevin Farmer’s Confidence is Just a Front!

Jono Carroll is certain he’s already exposed Tevin Farmer’s confidence as fragile as the two prepare to clash for the American’s IBF world title on March 15.

‘King Kong’ Carroll (16-0-1-KO3) travels to Farmer’s hometown of Philadelphia in a bid to realize a lifelong dream and took heart from a fractious opening press conference.

“Tevin didn’t know what to do when I put it on him and started stuttering and repeating himself.

“I don’t think he’s truly confident. I think it’s all just a front. I couldn’t care less where I fight in the world. All the location does is put even more pressure on him.

“A man who has a lot has a lot to lose. I’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain so mentally, this is an easy night for me.

“This is just another day in the office for me. This is what I always said I was going to do so I’m not surprised to be here now. I believe this is my destiny.”

Jono Carroll

Dublin’s Carroll won the IBF Inter-Continental super-featherweight crown when he blasted Humberto de Santiago aside in November 2017.

Carroll then defended his belt by stopping MTK Global team-mate Declan Geraghty in July 2018 and was most recently seen fighting to a draw with Guillaume Frenois in December.

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