Jono Carroll Fails to Win Bid to Face Rival Tevin Farmer

Jono Carroll
Jono Carroll

Jono Carroll gets a draw in Sheffield

Over the past month, Jono Carroll and IBF champion Tevin Farmer have been battling on social media. The champion at one point stated he would give the Irish fighter a title shot without needing to fight in the eliminator.

Prior to his bout with Guillaume Frenois, Carroll stated he would look to show another dimension to his style. This would require the use of more ring intelligence.

He was successful at doing this in the first quarter of the fight as he displayed an ability to be more calculated in his approach. Carroll is known for being a high pressure fighter regardless of only having three knockouts in 16 wins.

However, after the third round, he reverted to what he does at heart; apply pressure with little defense.

Frenois is a very slow starter, therefore, this allowed the IBF Inter-Continental champion to take the early rounds. Although, once he found his rhythm, the head of Carroll became an easy target for the straight left hand.

The Irish champion didn’t seem to care, as his mind was set on applying high pressure. The corner of Carroll pleaded with him to stop lunging with his shots and running into left hands.

The second-half of the fight was a boxing lesson. Frenois did an excellent job coming back from behind to outbox his one-dimensional opponent. Carroll nor his corner had any answers for the movement and the ability of Frenois to setup his straight left.

The Decision

This fight looked to be very close. Carroll dominated the first half as Frenois seemed to take the majority of the rounds in the second half of the fight.

The official judges turned in scorecards of 115-113 for both fighters with the third card 114-114, a majority draw.

It looks like Carroll will have to wait to attempt to settle his beef with the IBF champion.

By: EJ Williams

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