Jack Catterall Steps-Aside; Josh Taylor Promises Shot After Ramirez

Josh Taylor Praises Jack Catterall For Stepping Aside!

Jack Catterall, Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez
From left to bottom right: Jack Catterall, Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez

Josh Taylor assures Jack Catterall he has next!

In boxing, there are things fans can be certain to count on. One is promoters and fighters making moves to for fights that are a high priority which doesn’t necessarily translate into the best fighting the best. Second is a lot of lip service without action! Hopefully, that is not what we will happen when it comes to unified junior welterweight champion Josh “The Tartan Tornado” Taylor (17-0, 13ko) and WBO mandatory challenger Jack “El Gato” Catterall (25-0, 13ko).


Now, before causing any confusion, Catterall is the mandatory challenger for unified champion Jose Ramirez (26-0, 17ko). However, the census of the boxing community is to see the two unified champions collide for undisputed.

Before COVID-19 derailed a promising 2020, the entire boxing community was eager to see the two unified champions in the ring back when they both added extra jewelry around their waists in 2019.

Now just when the sport reopened for business and everyone is excited about crowning another undisputed champion, the only roadblock is “El Gato.”

WBO President Paco Valcarcel told everyone to pump the brakes on talks of undisputed and ordered Ramirez to face Catterall. It seems the issue has now been resolved. Reports confirm Catterall agreed to step aside and allow the fans to see the fight they want!

Furthermore, the Scottish champion was required by the IBF to take care of his mandatory before looking to be freed up to engage in the undisputed fight. That mission was accomplished spectacularly on September 26, when Taylor got the win in the first round.


Now boxing fans can get back to debating who will become the new undisputed champion of the division. Nothing is standing in the way of the fight and Taylor is giddy like an English schoolboy.

He took to social media to thank Catterall and made it clear the sacrifice will be rewarded.

Josh Taylor thanks Jack Catterall for stepping-aside
Josh Taylor thanks Jack Catterall for stepping-aside.

Catterall, appreciating the gesture, would wish him luck while reminding him to keep his word if victorious!

Jack Catterall tells Josh Taylor to keep his word
Jack Catterall tells Josh Taylor to keep his word.

By: Garrisson Bland

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