Burnett Loses his Title to Donaire Due to Injury!

Ryan Burnett
Ryan Burnett

A back injury forces Burnett to quit on his stool going into the fifth fourth round!

In a shocking development, former Super WBA champion Ryan Burnett quits on his stool after suffering a muscle spasm in the fourth round.

Donaire came into the fight making a statement. He wanted his opponent to know even at 35 years-old, he is still a live opponent in any fight.

He did well making this statment early, pushing Burnett back from short shots. However, by the third round, the Irish fighter started to find his groove behind the right hand.

Then at the end of round four, in attempt to follow-up on a good third round, he continues his work behind the lead right hand. Suddenly, he touches his lower back after drawing the punch back and takes a knee.

Fans could see the agony on his face as he struggled to his feet while touching his back. It was evident the right hand caused him to pull a muscle.

As the bell sounded, he stumbled to the corner. The eyes of fans were drawn towards his trainer Adam Booth to see what the verdict would be. Ultimately, the referee gave the signal and the fight was over.

Burnett would lose his title and suffer his first defeat due to an injury. In the process, Donaire becomes a bantamweight champion for the third time; his first since he vacated the WBC title in 2011.

He will go on to face South African sensation and WBO champion Zolani Tete in the semi-finals!

By: EJ Williams

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