Tevin Farmer Settles Social Media Beef With Jono Carroll

Tevin Farmer Ends Social Media Beef With a Win

Tevin Farmer punches at Jono Carroll in their March 15, 2019 Match-up in Philadelphia
Tevin Farmer punches at Jono Carroll in their March 15, 2019 match-up in Philadelphia

Tevin Farmer successfully makes his third title defense

Returning to fight in his hometown of Philadelphia for the first time since April 2017, Tevin Farmer was made to work and work hard, but did enough to defend his title for the third time as he defeated #4 ranked challenger Jono Carroll by unanimous decision (117-110, 117-110, 117-111).

In this battle of two southpaws, Carroll primarily targeted Farmer’s body for the first two rounds; going downstairs as often as possible. Farmer, for his part, tried to set the pace by boxing.

Starting in round three, Farmer made an adjustment in his strategy. Instead of moving so much, he stayed in the pocket; doing a nice job of rolling and slipping Carroll’s shots before countering with rights and lefts of his own to the head and body.

The tactic worked who as he opened a cut over his right eye of his opponent.

The Middle Rounds

During the middle rounds, Farmer started to separate himself. Carroll kept coming forward throwing punches in bunches. However, the defending champion did a terrific job of countering with hard combinations to the head and body of the challenger.

After slowing down slightly in the middle rounds, Carroll responded by picking up the pace in the ninth and tenth round; forcing Farmer to the ropes and digging away with body shots.

In round eleven, Farmer came out with a greater sense of urgency; landing shots and re-opening the cut over Carroll’s right eye. He stunned Carroll with 35 seconds to go in the round and it appeared the champion would get a late knockout victory.

However, the tough Irish would survive the round and finish the fight.

This fight was a case of “what did you prefer?” Was the activity of Carroll who threw over 1,200 punches in the fight enough. Or did the precise punching of Farmer seal the deal for the champion?

When asked after the fight about a unification bout against WBA super champion Gervonta Davis, Farmer stated he wants the fight, however, the money has to be right.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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