Farmer Outclasses Frenois in Fourth Title Defense!

Tevin Farmer Wins Again

Tevin Farmer
Tevin Farmer

Tevin Farmer coasts to a decision win over Guillaume Frenois!

Serving as the co-main event, IBF world super featherweight Tevin “American Idol” Farmer (30-4-1, 6 KO’s) rather easily outclassed Guillaume “L’Expert” Frenois (46-2-1, 12 KO’s).

Right from the very beginning the gap in talent of the two fighters was glaringly apparent. Frenois was game and never stopped trying to win. However, there was little that he could do against the very slippery Farmer.

The Breakdown

The American Idol appeared to masterfully sweep the first six rounds of the bout. Farmer accomplished this by setting up shop in the center of the ring, circling, feinting, jabbing and throwing occasional hard punches to the body.

Above all else however, it was Farmer’s immaculate defense which kept him head and shoulders above Frenois. The very game Frenchmen pressed forward and did all that he could, yet more often than not, he could hit nothing but air.

When the sixth round began, Farmer switched his tactics a bit and started fighting in close. While it could not be described as a phone booth fight, the American Idol was certainly throwing a bit of caution into the wind.

Even with the fluid Philly fighter lingering in punching range, Frenois did not enjoy much more success. To make matters worse, Frenois suffered a low blow as well.

Smelling blood, Farmer opened the seventh round up by walking Frenois down in spots. For large sections of this period, he dedicated himself to a vicious body attack.

The greater portion of his strikes consisted of hard, thudding hooks to his foe’s ailing torso. In the eighth period, Farmer returned to textbook boxing. The slick pugilist appeared to have Frenois discouraged.

The same course of action persisted throughout the ninth period as well.

Once again in the tenth round, Frenois absorbed another low blow. This time, L’Expert made a big show over being struck too far down south.

The outburst was enough to cause referee Mark Calo-oy to take a point from Farmer. Following the break in action, the French fighter came on strong and threw a flurry of punches. However, he landed little to nothing.

Farmer would close the final two rounds, just like in the first six, by sticking and moving. When operating as a pure boxer, there was nothing that Frenois could do.


In the post-fight interview, Tevin Farmer expressed interest in facing fellow super featherweight and WBA world super featherweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis.

Davis and Farmer have wolfed back and forth at one another for years at this point. Farmer maintained that he was 100% open to a bout with Davis, but fears that Tank’s promotional team, The Money Team, will prevent the bout from being finalized.

By: Bakari Simpson

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