Figueroa On Fulton: “We’re Going To Give The Fans A Hell Of A Show”

Brandon Figueroa and Stephen Fulton Looking Forward to Their September 11 Super Bantamweight Unification Showdown

WBO World Super Bantamweight champion Stephen Fulton, WBC World Super Bantamweight champion Brandon Figueroa
Stephen Fulton (left), Brandon Figueroa

Brandon Figueroa and Stephen Fulton Looking Forward to Their September 11 Super Bantamweight Unification Showdown

There was plenty on the line when WBA ‘Regular’ World Super Bantamweight champion Brandon Figueroa stepped in the ring to face WBC World Super Bantamweight champion Luis Nery. The significance of this showdown was huge. It was not only a unification world title at 122-pounds. Taking place at the Dignity Sports Park in Carson, California, SHOWTIME Boxing thought enough of this fight to make it their main event. More importantly, the victor was promised more significant bouts within the division.

After a fast start by Nery (31-1, 24 KOs), Figueroa (22-0-1, 17 KOs) cranked up the heat. The 24-year-old from Weslaco, Texas, began to apply steady pressure, making sure to focus his attack on Nery’s midsection. That investment paid off big time. Nery started to fatigue and wilt. Sensing a wounded man, the Texan turned the knob on the oven even more. Ultimately, a beautiful left uppercut to the solar plexus by the WBA champ put Nery down and out. An underdog coming in, Brandon Figueroa is now the new unified WBA ‘Regular’/WBC World champion at 122 pounds.


Next up for Figueroa is a showdown with the current WBO World Super Bantamweight champion, Stephen Fulton (19-0, 8 KOs). The bout will take place on September 11 at a location TBA. In attendance for Figueroa v Nery, Fulton said he was rooting for Figueroa to win. There has been some back and forth trash-talk between the two. Fulton told the SHOWTIME crew that a fight between him and Figueroa needs to happen ASAP.

After Figuroa’s win over Nery, he and Fulton talked with SHOWTIME to discuss their upcoming battle. The new unified champ is more than ready.

“We’ve been waiting a while for this fight. It’s finally going to happen in September. I knew I had to get through Luis Nery, and I just did that.

Everything is with time. We’re now going to have a hell of a show this coming September.

I envision everything. I envision I would beat Luis Nery, and I envision I will fight Stephen Fulton. So let’s get it.

I know he’s going to come with everything. So, that means I’m going to prepare 110% again. We’re going to give the fans a hell of a show.”

Fulton was very impressive in his January 2021 win over Angelo Leo to win the WBO World Super Bantamweight title. The 26-year-old from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania nicknamed “Cool Boy Steph” is amped at the opportunity to face the fighter he wanted to fight the most.

“It’s my time now. I’ve been waiting for this moment. I’m just ready for my time.

We’re going to put on a hell of a performance. Congratulations to the new WBC/WBA champ. I’m coming, I got the WBO baby.“

On paper, Figueroa v Fulton is a match between the pressure and power of Figueroa versus the all-around skill of Fulton. The winner could claim that they are the best at 122.

For boxing connoisseurs, it is another chance to see the elite fighter in the division fight one another. It is what all fans of The Sweet Science want at the end of the day. So come September 11, get your popcorn ready folks!

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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