Ryan Garcia On DAZN Paychecks: “Just Give Me The Check I Deserve!”

Ryan Garcia At Odds With DAZN

Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia At Odds With DAZN

It can be seriously argued that Ryan Garcia is not only the most publicized prospect in all of boxing, the 21-year-old has also been tabbed by Golden Boy Promotions (GBP) as the next superstar of the sport.

The problem is, as talented and ambitious as the Los Angeles lightweight prospect is, he is also a young man with little filter. Known as “Kingry”, Garcia does not hold back his tongue and when he has issues with a fighter, a manager, promoter, or a network. He will be sure to let folks know about it. Such is the case with Garcia with the folks at DAZN.

During an exclusive interview with Sports Illustrated on June 8, the unbeaten power-puncher lashed out at DAZN, the streaming service that has aired his recent fights. In Garcia’s eyes, he feels disrespected, like he’s held back, and is not being paid his worth.

“I’m not getting respect in the business matters. They promote me as one of the biggest names that they have got. I’m not feeling the extra love that they claim I’m getting shown. I’m one of their most-viewed fighters. Guaranteed, top-three. I’m getting the views. I’m getting the clicks. More than anyone but Canelo [Alvarez] and [Anthony] Joshua. Where’s my love?”

Garcia’s frustration seems to center around a failed attempt to put together a fight for July 4. Golden Boy attempted to make a fight happen, but could not find a suitable opponent before that date. When things fell through, he took to social media to express his disappointment.

Ryan Garcia laments that there's no fight set for July 4
Ryan Garcia laments that there’s no fight set for July 4


The ambitious young man was annoyed at the money DAZN was offering him. As Garcia told SI, the $200,000 purse he was offered by the streaming service is an insult.

“That’s bull—-. Why am I being held back financially? What is the problem here? Why is DAZN giving out big numbers to guys fighting nobodies? It’s fu—ed up how I’m being treated. I’m not asking for $100 million. Just give me the check I deserve. How am I one of the biggest fighters in the world and I get bigger paychecks outside of boxing?” ~Ryan Garcia, lightweight prospect


This is not the first time Garcia has barked about money. He has previously expressed his displeasure with Golden Boy before patching things up and signing a new deal with the company in September 2019.

When it comes to this current spat, it seems that the company is standing on its square and is siding with DAZN, as Golden Boy president Eric Gomez told SI on June 9.

“We are exclusive to DAZN and Ryan is exclusive to us. We’re living in a pandemic. There are some real hard times out there. It’s arguably the worst financial downfall since the Great Depression.

Ryan’s next show is not going to have any fans. His gate is significant. But he wasn’t asked to take a pay cut. In the contract that we recently signed, we were going to pay him above his minimum for this next fight.” ~Eric Gomez, president of Golden Boy


Garcia claims to have no issues with GBP, but wants a direct line with DAZN and doesn’t feel the need to go through Golden Boy to do so, as he went on to explain.

“I’m done with the whole, ‘well they work with this promoter or this [network] so it can’t happen’, I want to break down barriers in boxing. I want to break down those doors, I don’t care about losing.

How many times did Michael Jordan lose before he won his first championship? It wasn’t about the number of losses with Sugar Ray Leonard or Tommy Hearns. That marketing strategy worked for Floyd [Mayweather], but why has everyone been brainwashed to think that you have to stay undefeated? I’m a badass fighter who isn’t afraid to lose.” ~Ryan Garcia, lightweight prospect

But here are the issues with Garcia’s claims. First, DAZN does not deal directly with fighters. When it comes to their boxing contracts and negotiations, they are carried out with the promoter.

Second and more importantly, what has he done to make such demands? Many will argue that Garcia hasn’t even won a world title, yet he’s trying to dictate business in that manner? He’s putting the cart before the horse.

The relationship between Ryan Garcia, DAZN, and Golden Boy looks to be something to keep an eye on for the foreseeable future.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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