Garcia To Joshua: “I Need You Training In California With Champions”

Robert Garcia Says Joshua Must Come to US to Retain Him as Coach

Robert Garcia invites Anthony Joshua to train in California
Robert Garcia speaks with Anthony Joshua

Robert Garcia Wants Anthony Joshua to Come Train in California

Sadly for two-time heavyweight world champion Anthony “AJ” Joshua (24-3, 22 KO’s), he has now suffered back-to-back professional defeats. On both occasions he lost to former undisputed cruiserweight champion and current unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk. Despite losing the second match, most who viewed both fights thought that AJ gave a much better account of himself during the rematch. This boost in performance is being credited to his new coach, Robert Garcia.

Following his first loss to Usyk, Joshua went on a US tour to unearth a new trainer and ultimately recruited Garcia for the task. From the outside looking in, everything appeared to be smooth with their new union. And, as said before, the common consensus was that there was measurable improvement. Given this beneficial outcome, it would seem a natural conclusion that they continue their working relationship. This may turn out to be the case, but there is a catch if it does.


Technically speaking, Garcia doesn’t have a problem functioning as Joshua’s coach. Well, as he explained to IZQUIERDAZO, he won’t have a problem training AJ so long as the camp moves across the pond!

“I told Anthony and all his team that, for me, the best way to keep working together is if Anthony comes to train in my gym in California eight weeks before a fight. From six to eight weeks, that’s all I need for a good camp. I told Anthony, ‘I need you to be around more fighters, more champions. I want you to have more fighters for competition, even if they are from the same gym, but you have to compete.’ I told him, ‘You have to want to be better than them, and they will want to be better than you. It will work for all of you.’

“That is what is missing in his gym, the fighters to be competing against each other, where they don’t want the other fighter to do more than you. He needs a place with other world champions around. Anthony has always been alone in his camps. He didn’t have other fighters to train with. He needs to be in a cheerful environment, to interact with other fighters, other sparring partners. I think that that would help him a lot.

[…] If they ask me to go back to England, it would have to be a special situation. If Anthony’s next fight is in early December, I would be available, because I don’t have big fights. But if Jesse Rodriguez or Jose Ramirez have an important fight, I would rather stay with them, and not leave. That is why I asked Anthony’s team to come to California, and they liked the idea. Now, they need to talk to Anthony and convince him.”


It will be very interesting to see what decision Joshua makes in this situation. Provided that he does relocate, there is a great likelihood that the new environment may very well transform him into a greater competitor. Or, will AJ choose familiarity and stay in his long-time comfort zone? Only time will tell. Luckily though, 3Kings Boxing will be there to report the news no matter what transpires!

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By: Bakari Simpson

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