Get Ready, It’s About To Be On! An Undisputed Champion Coming Soon!

Joshua vs Wilder: A Mega-Fight

Are you ready for an undisputed heavyweight champion? What if I told you that we are VERY close to getting one. That’s right Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder have agreed to a deal in principle for a heavyweight unification showdown according to sources. has learned that Joshua is ready to come to America and put his WBA, WBO & IBF heavyweight titles on the line against WBC champion Deontay Wilder. Sources close to the negotiations spoke on a condition of anonymity but did tell that a deal is done for the fight to take place later this year.

Joshua’s team has worked hard to bring the title fight to the UK, but the Wilder camp’s offer of $50 million is based on the fight taking place in America. There was some talk of a possible summer date between the two but that has been scrapped as both sides are looking at the best time for broadcaster interests and sponsors.

The likely date will be November or early December at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena. While the Nevada venue is much smaller than Wembley or Principality, gate receipts are generally a good bit higher in Vegas.

With the date expected to be pushed back until later in the year now, both promoters will have time to build the earnings potential for this fight, particularly with pay-per-view broadcaster Showtime. Showtime Boxing honcho Stephen Espinoza had previously told that anytime after October would be best for them.

The back and forth on social media between the two sides has left fans of both fighter’s bickering with the other’s. I myself am previously on record calling the negotiations up to that point posturing. That’s exactly what it was and since the two sides have removed the talks from Twitter and Instagram and placed them in offices and conference calls we’ve gotten ourselves closer to a mega-fight.

An announcement of the deal is pending a “couple of small details” but is “agreed to in principle” according to our source.

Eddie Hearn is previously on record stating that it was a “matter of Joshua deciding if he wants to fight in Vegas or the UK”. Apparently the Brit doesn’t care as a source close to Joshua said “he would like to stay in the UK but he really just wants to fight Wilder, wherever, anywhere.”

Wilder has been somewhat quiet since the infamous $50M email and Instagram offer but there’s little doubt he strongly desires this fight. Joshua appeared via a YouTube video last week in which he mentioned his lack of interest in any fight but Wilder.

The combatants are ready, the fans are ready, so in the words of Mills Lane: “Let’s get it on!”

By: Chris Henderson