Golovkin/Alvarez: Will We Get A Third Fight?

“There has to be a third fight.” Oscar De La Hoya 

Earlier today the news the boxing world has been waiting on since September was announced. Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez 2 is official, a done deal, signed sealed and ready to be delivered on May 5th 2018. 3KingsBoxing.com had previously reported an agreement had reached but of course now it is “official”.

Although an agreement was reached at the time we originally reported it the contracts hadn’t been signed due to the geographical location of all the parties involved. Well this past Saturday everybody that was required to make it official happen to cross paths and when they did the agreement was “finalized”.

There’s still some logistics to work out of course like location, venue and other small details but the fight is gonna happen. After the first fight ended in a controversial draw, Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya believes fight fans will be more than satisfied with what they’ll get this time around.

“We haven’t seen a fight like this in such a long time,” De La Hoya said during a media call. “You have two great middleweights banging away and going at it, nothing but excitement, and this is what boxing is all about.”

“The fight fans will be able to witness again what I believe will be another fight of the year.”

Truth is that the first fight was a great fight but it left a sour taste in the mouth of fans due to the judges, well to be more accurate due to one judge. That judge was Adalaide Byrd and her 118-110 scorecard in favor of Alvarez.

The vast majority of fans and media members felt Golovkin won the first fight (My personal score was 115-113 Golovkin). Although I scored the fight in favor of the champion, I can’t in good faith call a draw in a good close fight a robbery.

While De La Hoya did confirm that there’s no rematch clause in the contract there’s a very good chance we will see Golovkin/Alvarez 3.

“It has to be a third fight, there’s no doubt about it,” De La Hoya said. “The first one was a draw, whomever wins the next one, the loser is going to want to get revenge.”

It is highly doubtful a third fight would come immediately following the rematch however. More than likely both guys would take at least one fight in between a second and third meeting. Trilogies happen often in the sport of boxing but threepeats are pretty rare.

By: Chris Henderson 

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