Eddie Hearn: “Let’s Make Andrade vs Charlo!”

Eddie Hearn Contacts PBC For A Demetrius Andrade vs Jermall Charlo Unification!

Demetrius Andrade, Eddie Hearn and Jermall Charlo
From let to right: Demetrius Andrade, Eddie Hearn and Jermall Charlo.

Eddie Hearn speaks on Billy Joe Saunders and Jermall Charlo for Demetrius Andrade! 

Well ahead of his main event prizefight with Luke Keeler, WBO world middleweight champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade personally put the word on the street that he was gunning for “Superb” Billy Joe Saunders.


In all actuality, Andrade was looking to knock off Canelo Alvarez, Jermall Charlo and Saunders. However, there is no question that Boo Boo was placing the greater emphasis on the fight with Saunders.

Following the comprehensive pasting and ultimate ninth round stoppage of Keeler, the WBO champ wasted no time in forcefully calling out Saunders once again.

Both are represented by Matchroom Boxing and, therefore, theoretically this should be an easy match to put together.

However, when providing an exclusive interview with SecondsOut, Matchroom top dog Eddie Hearn was diligent to avoid promising this desirable dust-up next.

“There are so many different outcomes right now you know. Billy Joe Saunders is waiting to see if he will get the Canelo fight. We got the Callum Smith/Billy Joe Saunders unification.

“There’s other fights for Demetrius at middleweight against Charlo, Jaime Munguia with DAZN and Golden Boy, Canelo Alvarez, GGG or any of those names is fine for the next one for Demetrius.

“But it has to be one of them.”


For fight fans these days one very prevalent and annoying term floating around the boxing world is “crossing the street”.

In short, this refers to one fighter making a deal with another fighter from a rival promotional company or opposing network. In relation to Boo Boo, one of his most competitive potential fights is with “Hit Man” Charlo, who resides on the PBC side of things.

There is the very common belief that this prizefight could go unsigned simply because Andrade is with Matchroom on the DAZN app while Charlo competes under the PBC and FOX banner.

Nevertheless, Eddie Hearn blew new life of optimism into this would be classic match-up. He revealed that Boo Boo is actually free to meet Charlo on his side of the road.

“But I did call them [PBC] today and just said, ‘look just to let you know we’ll do it on FOX, no problem.’ And they said, ‘okay we’ll talk and see what happens, but nothing major [happened].

“I just think if you’re Charlo, what can they offer Charlo? I don’t know, there is something other than voluntary defense that no one really wants to see.

“And no one really wants to see Demetrius in another voluntary defense. So let’s make a big fight, a unification, step up a weight, do something outrageous.”

This shortlist of potential powerhouse names is exciting. But before fans get to excited about one of these would-be fights coming next, it would be more prudent to simply patiently wait and see what unfolds next.

By: Bakari Simpson

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