Jaron Ennis: “My Time Is Coming!”

Jaron Ennis Ready To Move Passed Juan Carlos Abreu

Jaron Ennis celebrates after victory
Jaron Ennis

Jaron Ennis Ready for the Next Level After Juan Carlos Abreu!

According to sizzling welterweight talent Jaron “Boots” Ennis (25-0, 23 KO’s), he’s achieved a respectable but frustrating position in the sport. He is openly regarded was one of the best talents in the division. The Philly pugilist is undefeated, has won all but two of his fights by stoppage and is ranked #11 and #12 by the WBO and IBF respectively.

Due to his impressive pedigree and formidable skillset, Ennis believes that it’s simply easier for the top tier fighters and champions to avoid him. As a result, he has fallen into the unfortunate “high risk, low reward” category.

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Luckily, Boots has been able to remain active. In fact, he is extremely close to his next prizefight with Juan Carlos “Merengue” Abreu (23-5-1, 21 KO’s).


Even though Abreu is not the caliber of opponent that he wished to be facing, Ennis is grateful for the opportunity. As he recently explained on The Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer, he is looking forward to showing his skills once again on September 19.

Boots knows that to get the career defining showdowns he must show and prove in developmental fights heading toward the top of the 147-mountain.

“On September 19 you going to just see me being smart, sharp, [brick] behind my jab and doing different things. Having my fun like how I used to, so I cant wait!

“It’s another step toward me becoming a number one contender and being where I want to be. Having that world title around my waist soon.”


While he is dedicated to the slow climb to the top of the welterweight pile, Boots does admit the past couple of years have been a bit aggravating.

“Yeah, I am at that point, I’m going to say for the last two years we been trying to get these guys, undefeated guys, step-up fights, former world champions, all that stuff. And the last two years have been hard. That’s why I have been having to fight guys like my last fight and stuff like that.

“But like I said before, there is nothing that I can do. All I got to do is keep winning, keep staying focus, keep staying sharp, keep getting better and better each and every day and my time is going to come!”

Nevertheless, if Ennis wants to achieve his goal of capturing a world title he will first have to topple the hard-hitting Dominican on September 19!

By: Bakari Simpson

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