Mariana Juarez On Jackie Nava Match: “It Will Be A Spectacular Fight”

Mexican Fighting Legends Jackie Nava and Mariana Juarez Ready To Give The Fans a Show

Mariana Juarez (right) and Jackie Nava pose at the final press conference
Mariana Juarez (L) and Jackie Nava

Mexican Fighting Legends Jackie Nava and Mariana Juarez Ready To Give The Fans a Show

For years there have been talks of a showdown between Mexican women fighting legends “Princesa Azteca” Jackie Nava (38-4-4, 16 KOs) and Mariana “Barbie” Juarez (55-10-4, 19 KOs). But for one reason or another, the fight did not materialize.

It seemed that their paths would never cross, and we would not see the two fighting women legends in the same ring. Then suddenly, at long last, both camps agreed to a deal. Nava and Juarez will finally fight each other on October 30 at the Tijuana Municipal Auditorium in Tijuana, Mexico.


During the final press conference for the fight on October 28, both women showed each other great respect. Nava was born, raised, and still resides in Tijuana. The 41-year-old looks forward to having one of the biggest fights in front of home fans.

“I feel very happy to return home and face this fight. ‘Barbie’ is a great fighter, a great champion, and I am convinced that this fight is going to be very good, a war, between two Mexican warriors.”

Juarez has lived in Tijuana for the last three years and made sure to note that she will have fans of her own in attendance. Also 41 years of age, “Barbie” was equally laudatory to her upcoming opponent.

“Anyone who does not respect Jackie’s career, a career full of success based on work and discipline, apart from being a great woman plus a great mom, is not doing this justice. It will be a spectacular fight. We are two great fighters, two Mexicans who never crack, and the fight comes to us at a great moment.”


As many fans know, Mexico is one of the hotbeds of boxing. Their passion for The Sweet Science is arguably unrivaled across the globe. It’s deep-rooted and embedded not only in the culture of the sport but throughout the entire nation as a whole.

When you specifically speak about women’s professional boxing south of the border, Nava and Juarez stand out and stand alone. Each has won world titles in multiple weight divisions and world level for well over a decade. It’s a good bet that they will eventually land in the International Women’s Boxing Hall Of Fame.

Some pundits argue that Nava-Juarez would have been a better match years earlier when both were closer to their physical primes. But if these great warriors retired without facing each other, that would have been a shame. For Mexican and women’s boxing, Nava-Juarez still carries a lot of weight. Folks should applaud it for happening, period. These legendary ladies deserve that appreciation and respect, at the very least.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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