Kazuto Ioka Gets An Apology From The JBC For Doping Allegation

Kazuto Ioka Gets Vindicated By The JBC!

Kazuto Ioka showing off the WBO title; Japanese Boxing Commission (JBC) logo.
Kazuto Ioka (left) and Japanese Boxing Commission (JBC) logo

Kazuto Ioka Cleared of Doping Allegations After JBC Admits Mistakes In Sampling Process

In April 2021, 3kingsboxing.com reported that WBO super flyweight champion Kazuto Ioka (26-2, 15 KOs) could be facing trouble with the Japanese Boxing Commission (JBC). It was because of a failed marijuana test before his stunning stoppage win over multi-divisional champ Kosei Tanaka.

Now, here is an update on the situation. According to the Japanese Daily News, Ioka has now been cleared of these previous drug allegations. The JBC released a statement on May 19 that Ioka will not face any punishment.

There were mistakes throughout the testing process. A third-party ethics committee reported that Ioka’s “A” urine sample showed a positive test for marijuana. However, a follow-up B-sample showed no detection of marijuana.


The third-party commission did show that Ioka’s “B” urine sample tested positive for ephedrine. However, the sample had not been properly refrigerated. This committee has ruled that the JBC did not follow proper protocol during the sampling process.

Yuhei Nagata, The Chairman of the Board for JBC, expressed responsibility as a separate party found their handling of the situation insufficient.

“I can’t deny the handling of the samples was sloppy. It’s a fact that Ioka’s reputation was tarnished by his name being leaked to the media. I want to meet him in person and apologize.”


Having maintained his innocence from the beginning, Ioka is in no mood to talk. During a May 19 press conference, he held nothing back about his displeasure with the JBC.

“I’ve been longing for this day. I have nothing to feel guilty about when it comes to boxing. I cannot forgive them just like that. To be honest, I’m not sure if I can keep fighting with peace of mind.”

“This thing blew up and for a month and a half and changed my life completely. I thought that this would be the end of my career.”

It will be interesting to see the long-term ramifications of this move. He was previously disciplined by the JBC in January of 2021 for fighting with visible tattoos against Tanaka.

The champ has fought and trained in the United States. He has also expressed a desire to fight more abroad. Could this latest dust-up result in Ioka eventually deciding to no longer fight in Japan? Keep an eye on this situation folks.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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