Khan/Lo Greco Presser Gets Heated

Image credit: Matchroom Boxing Press Release

Khan fights back

Press conferences in the UK have been known to be a bit fiery in recent years. Think David Haye/Chisora, Haye/Bellew Whyte/Browne and even Froch/Groves got a bit spicy. . You might almost say we’re building a bit of a reputation for it.

Today we saw Amir Khan and Phil Lo Greco’s pre-fight conference temporarily stopped after both men got into a tussle. Both men took to the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool ahead of their fight at the city’s Echo Arena on April 21st.

The usual insults were traded, but Khan took exception after Lo Greco made comments about Khan’s wife and family. With the former world champion proceeding to take aim and throwing water over the Canadian.

What made this even more of an amusing spectacle was that along with the entourages of both fighters, undercard fighters Sean Dodd and Tommy Coyle stepped in to separate both parties, whilst they were dressed as Batman and Superman!!!

I hadn’t one iota of interest in this fight before today, if the next press conference provides more of the same that might just change.

By: Aaron Cooper 

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  1. Good read. Will be checking this fight out anyway to see where Khan has settled after the last major KO. I expect it to be fun to watch either way as Khan usually is.

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