Loeffler: “We’re Waiting On Canelo”

Loeffler Says They’re Waiting On Alvarez


After talking to Golden Boy President, Eric Gomez, this past week 3KIngsBoxing.com reported [ link belowthat Canelo Alvarez had agreed to a rematch with Gennady Golovkin according to Gomez. Last night we were able to talk to Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler, with K2 Promotions, and he told us that Alvarez was who they were waiting on to make a decision.

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I’ve been in contact with Eric Gomez, Golden Boy says they want the fight, HBO says he wants the fight, Tecate sponsors Canelo and Gennady says they want the fight,” said Loeffler

”Everyone wants the fight. We’re just waiting for Canelo to say, ‘yes.’ On our side, GGG, said yes to the fight. GGG believes that he won the fight, continues as champion and wants to try in the rematch that is more clearly the true champion,”

Alvarez has recently been in the UK, there supporting Carl Frampton’s opponent Horacio Garcia. He is expected to return within the next few days and when he does he is expected to give them an answer.

“It’s hard to say (how likely the fight is) until Canelo signs, but if it were for us the fight was made, we’ll look for other options in case Canelo decides not to fight,” said Loeffler. ”They’ll [Golden Boy Promotions] talk to Canelo when he returns from England, and all the fans are waiting for this fight,” said Loeffler.

Loeffler didn’t say if team Golovkin had anyone else lined up if the Alvarez fight fell through. He did indicate they would be interested in the winner of next month’s WBO middleweight title fight between Billy Joe Saunders and David Lemieux. Right now it appears that they really are wanting the Alvarez fight in May but if that doesn’t work out Loeffler did indicate they would probably be open to GGG fighting again as early as the end of February.

By: Chris Henderson

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  1. I think it’ll get done for sure. There’s just way too much money for it not to.

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