Is Floyd Mayweather’s Praise For Mark Breland A Shot At Deontay Wilder?

Floyd Mayweather clout chasing by using Mark Breland?

Floyd Mayweather and Malik Scott commenting on Mark Breland
Floyd Mayweather and Malik Scott commenting on Mark Breland

Floyd Mayweather clout chasing by using Mark Breland?

Anybody that knows Floyd “Money” Mayweather knows he’s all about attention. He’s one of the better “heels” or “villains”, whichever you choose to categorize him as, in boxing history. Outside of money and attention, he loves nothing more than to stir the pot. When it comes to Deontay Wilder and his saga with Mark Breland, he’s up to something.

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Wilder suffered his first defeat to Tyson Fury in February of 2020 by stoppage after Breland threw in the towel, which subsequently resulted in his dismissal months later. A ton of people came out of the woodworks stating their desire to step in and train the former WBC heavyweight champion. One of those people was Mayweather. However, Wilder wasn’t feeling that proposition whatsoever and even went as far labeling it “fake love” which was being done for publicity.

The two men have never really seen eye to eye. Mayweather’s comments in the aftermath of Wilder-Fury 2 on his willingness to train the Alabama native could’ve been viewed as him extending an olive branch. However, a very prideful guy, Wilder was never going for it!

Fast-forward to the aftermath of Fury v Wilder 3, which ended with The Bronze Bomber being knocked out in the eleventh round. Floyd Mayweather has interjected himself into a situation that seems to have finally been laid to rest.


Mayweather took to his social media to praise Mark Breland as a legendary figure in the sport with the qualifications of someone to be respected as he has an extensive knowledge of the sweet science. In doing so, he appeared to take a shot at Wilder and new head trainer Malik Scott. He insinuated that both Wilder and Scott are unqualified in knowing this.


After getting wind of the statement made by Mayweather, Scott was asked his thoughts. He stated that while he doesn’t feel the comments made were necessarily about him, but more so about Wilder, they essentially are since he’s now the head trainer. He also went on to agree that Breland is a legend, and that Breland wasn’t too fond of Mayweather. Scott even went on to say that Breland said that “Money” was overrated and wouldn’t last in his era.

While he didn’t name drop either Wilder or Scott, the fact that he made these comments about Breland, not even two weeks after Fury v Wilder 3, let’s this writer know who the message was meant for.

Is Floyd Mayweather clout chasing and using Mark Breland as a pawn? It sure seems that way. However, he could really mean the things he conveyed on his Instagram post. Who knows? One thing for sure is, it’ll be real interesting to see if Deontay Wilder responds and, if he does, what will he say.

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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