Raquel Miller Nearing World Title Shot!

Raquel Miller is Closing on the World Title

Raquel Miller
Raquel Miller

Raquel Miller is Closing on the World Title

Rising female boxer Raquel “Pretty Beast” Miller (9-0,4ko) will face Alma Ibarra (7-0,4ko), for the Interim WBA female junior middleweight title on November 23 in Centre Videotron, Quebec City.

The NABF Middleweight California female titlist has been hungry to get in the mix with the other champions. Now she’s in the perfect position, getting one step closer to what she calls that “big boy strap”. Unless you have been living under a rock or completely disconnected from social media, the ongoing beef between the NABF titlist and the self proclaimed G.W.O.A.T(Greatest Woman Of All Time) undisputed middleweight champion Claressa “T-Rex” Shields dates back to the amateurs.

Shields once claimed that her arch nemesis needs to bring something to the table, as covered previously by 3kingsboxing.

Well it looks like that issue is one step closer to being resolved. Challenging for the Interim WBA title puts the former 2012 Olympic alternate in the thick of the action. It is exactly where she feels most comfortable. It also means that the next target on the hit list is WBA champion Hanna “La Amazona” Gabriels.


This is a great opportunity and an excellent chess move. The Costa Rican WBA champion is the only woman to have dropped the undisputed middleweight champion. By capturing the Interim title, the long-awaited title opportunity will eventually become a reality. Furthermore, capturing a title in the very division in which the arch-rival is now campaigning would mean that one of the longest rivalries in boxing will finally be settled in the ring.

However, the determined NABF champion must not overlook the current task at hand in the Mexican challenger Ibarra. This is a great chance for both women to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight in a big way.


Both combatants will be making some career firsts, fighting outside of their respective countries and in Quebec, along with fighting for a minor title of a major governing sanctioning body.

Miller undoubtedly will be laser focused. This is the elusive opening that has been haunting the NABF champion since become a pro back in 2016. With the stage set and the door open, all that remains now is to seize this moment.

By: Garrisson Bland

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