Bryant Jennings to Joe Joyce: “…You’re Not Better Than Mike Perez!”

Bryant Jennings Harps on Win Against Mike Perez Ahead of Facing Joe Joyce!

Bryant Jennings, Jennings vs Perez and Joe Joyce
From left to bottom right: Bryant Jennings, Jennings vs Perez and Joe Joyce

Bryant Jennings eager to beat another Adam Booth fighter!

On July 26, 2014 Bryant “By-By” Jennings surprisingly handed Mike “The Rebel” Perez his first professional loss. Arguably, that defeat sent Perez’s career on a catastrophic downward spiral. After his dust-up with Jennings, the Rebel would lose every other fight he contracted for the next three years.

At the present moment, it doesn’t appear that his career is likely to ever recover. On July 13, Jennings will face Joe “The Juggernaut” Joyce in the O2 Arena in Greenwich, London.

As chief second, Adam Booth will have trained both Perez and Joyce in their respective matches against By-By. Due to the common connection, Jennings fully believes that Booth will be looking for blood and revenge.

It’s a scenario that the tough Philly fighter embraces and derives motivation from. At the final presser for their upcoming showdown, Jennings aired his candid feelings regarding Perez, Booth and Joyce.

“I know Adam has a thing for me. In 2014, I beat Mike Perez. Mike Perez was pretty much supposed to beat me, you know. Adam tried his best to do everything he wanted Mike to do to defeat me and didn’t. So hopefully, you know, you’ll listen.”

Jennings, one of the few vegan fighters in the sport, is clearly resolved in his belief that he will best Booth’s new charge when they lock horns in Greenwich. However, his confidence is based on his solid resume rather than pure hubris. Win, lose or draw, it’s obvious. at first glance, that Jennings has faced far stiffer competition than his opponent.

In fact, the most significant name on Joyce’s professional ledger is a Bermane Stiverne who was coming off a wildly demoralizing first-round knockout loss to the WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.

Prior to the vicious KO, which instantly went viral, Stiverne was coming off a two-year layoff. Joyce did not attempt to be coy with this professional reality. The UK native openly stated that he recognizes Jennings as his most difficult test to date.

However, not only doesn’t Bryant think Joyce is his hardest assignment, he went on to declare that Mike Perez was a better fighter than was Joyce.

“I’m not comparing you to Mike Perez. I’m saying the fact that, you know, you’re not better than Mike Perez. Mike Perez is one of the most technical guys, he’s one of the most technical guys.

“I mean, not to take away from you, we understand you’re bigger, you’re taller, you might punch harder. But as far as the technical aspect, Mike Perez is a very good fighter.”

Past wins and personal grudges put to the side, Jennings has both his eyes focused on the task at hand. By-By himself has lost three times and realizes that he cannot afford to take anyone lightly, or get caught looking up the road.

He also realizes that a win on July 13 can put him right back in line for a title shot. With all this information at the forefront of his brain, Jennings is fully aware that both Booth and Joyce have placed a huge bulls-eye on his back; a target he doesn’t want to let them hit.

“What I’m saying is that Adam, me and Adam have a little history and I know that Adam wants this […] it might be personal for him. From that aspect, I’m going to take it even more serious.

“It might be personal for him, it ain’t got nothing to do with you. You are just his weapon to be able to say ‘I’m going to get this mothafucka back!’”

By: Bakari Simpson

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