Alexis Rocha Brutalizes Jeovanis Barraza For Nine Rounds

Alexis Rocha forces the ref to stop the beat down on Jeovanis Barraza

Welterweight Alexis Rocha flexes at a fight weigh-in
Alexis Rocha

Alexis Rocha forces the ref to stop the beatdown on Jeovanis Barraza

At the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, we had a bit of a crossroads battle between Alexis “Lex” Rocha and Jeovanis Barraza in a ten-round welterweight contest. In many aspects, the onus was on Rocha, who is in a bit of rebuilding and redemption mode.

In October of 2020, Rocha faces Rashidi Ellis in a battle of then-undefeated welterweight contenders on the come-up. That night, Rocha ended up on the losing end as he was outboxed by the slick-fighting Ellis.

Following a comeback second-round KO win over James Bacon in June of 2021, he now faced a Barraza who came into the bout very much unknown. The 26-year-old had fought most of his career in his native Colombia against a series of nondescript fighters. He just fought last month and was very impressive in an eight-round win over Jorge Martin Garcia on October 29.


Rocha, looking be more impressive, prepared for this fight sparring the man that beat him as a professional in Ellis. The move would pay off. Rocha, from the sound of the bell, focused on the body of Barraza. The young fighter from California was having his way in this fight. He found a home for the hooks to the body and uppercuts whenever they were in close.

Barraza had some moments of his own. He would catch Rocha being overly aggressive, landing a counter left hook and a straight right-hand. However, he continued to take punishment to the body and could not avoid those crisp uppercuts.


In the middleweight rounds, this was turning into a glorified sparring session. Rocha was landing everything he was throwing, landing more hooks to the body and sweat-slinging left hooks.

Barraza was fighting back and trying to move around the ring to avoid those body shots. However, Rocha kept cutting off the ring, pinning his man against the ropes. With every punch landed, the crowd was cheering.

At the end of round seven, the referee warned the Colombian fighter to show him something or he was going to stop the fight. Rocha continued to attack, landing punches effortlessly against a tough opponent. Every time it looked as if the referee was going to stop the fight, Barraza would fight back throwing a counter right-hand.


It was becoming clear that Barraza needed saving from himself. Rocha’s footwork was outstanding as he was able to attack and move away from any return-fire. In round nine, the young prospect attacked the body with the straight left-hand and right hooks to the head. Barraza went staggering back to the ropes, and Rocha landed two brutal hooks that prompted the referee to step in and end the fight.

It was a good stoppage by the referee, as the Colombian was not going to quit. This way, Jeovanis Barraza can live to fight another day. He was not going to win and kept taking punishment.

Lex is not the same fighter that lost to Ellis back in 2020. This version of Alexis Rocha is dangerous and is ready to challenge anyone inside the top ten.

By: Garrisson Bland

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