Rolly Romero: “Boxing Fans Can Go Fuck Themselves!”

Rolando Romero says boxing fans are the fakest around

Rolando Romero
Rolando Romero

Rolando Romero says boxing fans are the fakest around

When last in the ring, lightweight boxer Rolando “Rolly” Romero (12-0, 10 KO’s) had one tough fight on his hands. For twelve straight rounds, Dominican fighter Jackson “El Fenix” Marinez (19-1, 7 KO’s) gave Romero all he could handle. In fact, it is a very common opinion that Rolly actually benefited from a gift decision from the judges.

In the aftermath of the bout, Romero was criticized for everything from his poor technique, lack of form and inability to adjust. Clearly, the Las Vegas native did not take kindly to the harsh words. Presently, Romero is scheduled to take on Justin “The Million Dollar Man” Pauldo (14-1, 7KO’s) on January 23. When asked by ESNEWS how he felt about the fight, Romero chose to expose his feelings about the fans instead.

“Whatever y’all want to think, I’m not going to do any of this shit anymore. Just whatever is going to happen is going to happen, everybody can go fuck themselves because them mothafuckas the fakest I’ve ever seen in my life. And after Saturday, they’re going to be fake again…I keep it real with everybody, I’ve always kept it real with everybody and like I said, I ain’t no bi-polar [unintelligible] like everybody else in the damn fan base. And that’s all they are!”


Along with the ticket buyers, Romero aimed a bit of his vitriol at Jackson Marinez himself. If he re-watched the prizefight, Rolly obviously still feels he did enough to win. So much so that he was ready to run the whole fight back.

“One bad performance doesn’t determine a fighter; and I don’t think it was a bad performance. I outworked him, I beat the shit out of him and he literally did nothing by run like a little bitch. And when we offered him the rematch, he decided not to take it. You know why? Because he knows he’s going to get hurt. And that’s how it is!”

Some might find it odd that Romero is insinuating that Marinez is scared for not excepting the rematch. This is because El Fenix will collide with former world champion Richard “RC” Commey (29-3, 26 KO’s) on February 13. Even with his three loses, Commey is valued as a fighter far higher than the little-known Justin Pauldo…or Rolly for that matter! Therefore, the general thought holds that Commey is the more difficult fight. That is not to mention a win over RC would bring far more accolades than a win over Rolly.

This is why it will be very interesting to see how Romero performs in his upcoming prizefight. He certainly will have a great deal to prove. At the same time, it will be equally interesting to see how he conducts himself directly before and after the showing. Will he maintain his new animosity towards the boxing public or will he cool out a bit? Only time will tell, and luckily we do not have very long to wait!

By: Bakari Simpson

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